What is the difference between Arita ware and Imari ware? Introducing features and history!

April 18, 2020


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  1. What are Arita ware and Imari ware?
  2. Characteristics of Arita ware
  3. History of Arita ware
  4. Is Arita ware popular?
  5. Present Arita ware

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| What is Arita ware and Imari ware?

What is Arita ware?Porcelain produced around Arita Town, Saga Prefectureis.
Porcelain baked in Arita during the Edo period was popularized under the name Imari ware because it was exported from the port of Imari. After that, after the Meiji era, the porcelain made in Arita came to be called Arita porcelain after the name of the place of production. The old Imari, which means "old Imari" that you often hear about antique items, means Arita ware made in the Edo period.
At present, there was a kiln used to bake the wardrobe of the clan's tribute.Imari ware is made on Okawachiyama in Imari city.。 


|Characteristics of Arita ware

Pottery is also called porcelain, and is roughly divided into "porcelain" and "porcelain" depending on the raw materials used.
Arita porcelain is made by making porcelain earth from a stone called pottery stone, molding it, then baking it with glaze at a high temperature of 1300 degrees for at least 17 hours."porcelain"is. Porcelain is light, hard and durable, and once used by European nobility.Characterized by a beautiful white color that was called "white gold"is. Since it is suitable for applying a pattern to the smooth background, you can see a lot of indigo dyed and colorful paintings, giving it a dignified appearance.
Arita ware is roughly divided into three types.
One of them"Orimari style"It is called, and was made in the Edo period. It is a porcelain that impresses with its gorgeousness, as it is dyed and the red and gold gorgeous decoration technique called gold brocade is used.

The second one is characterized by paintings that take advantage of the warm white milky white space."Kakiemon style"is. Invented by Kakiemon Saida, who was active in the land of Arita, and using mainly red, yellow, green, and blue colors and delicate lines, the landscape of flowers and birds unique to Japan was represented asymmetrically. You can see many things. The Kakiemon style pottery with a Japanese taste was also made for export to overseas aristocrats.

Third,"Nabeshima style"is. These are not for the common people, but were made as gifts to various daimyos under the strict control of the clan under the direct control of the Nabeshima clan. The feature is that on the bluish white background, regular patterns are drawn on the hill and precise patterns are evenly spaced like comb teeth. There are many Nabeshima-style pottery products that were made with the utmost importance of dignity and were made out of profitability.

| History of Arita ware

In the early 17th century, Hideyoshi Toyotomi brought many potters from Korea. They discovered pottery stone, the raw material for porcelain, in Arita, and the production of porcelain began for the first time in Japan. The early Imari ware was influenced by the technology of the Utsuwa produced in Korea and was thick, and the pattern was drawn only by dyeing. These porcelains had a simple impression.

It is said that the Kakiemon style, which used various colors, was born in the 1640s as the number of kilns increased in Arita.These pottery were revolutionary even though there was only a single color dyed at the time.It could be said that. At the same time, many works that were elegant as traditional crafts of the Nabeshima domain were made. Furthermore, during the Genroku era of the Edo era, which was economically rich, red and gold colors were used luxuriously to draw gorgeous patterns.A technique called the Kinbori style is born.

In the 1650s, East India Company began buying Araki ware such as Kakiemon style, and started to export from Imari Port to other countries in Asia and Europe. And foreign royal aristocrats were impressed by the porcelain they saw for the first time and praised it. It is called “IMARI” overseas and is still highly evaluated.
The world famous German kiln Meissen isA kiln opened from the enthusiasm of wanting to imitate and manufacture the Arita ware that was transmitted from Japan at the order of Augusto KingIt is said that. In the Meiji era, Arita porcelain proved that Japanese porcelain can be called the highest peak in the world, including the exhibition at the Vienna World Exposition and the renewed reputation at the exhibitions held in various countries around the world.


| Why Arita ware is so popular

Arita ware is used not only in Japan but also in various countries including Europe. The transparent white porcelain and the paintings on it have an elegant atmosphere that cannot be expressed in words, depending on the times and the creator. The smooth and sharp form is unique to porcelain.
In recent years, pottery with a sophisticated design, such as openwork carving utilizing the porcelain molding technology, has also attracted attention. Due to its beauty, Arita porcelain was displayed in museums and palaces around the world and was touted as a work of art for people of noble rank to love, but one of the reasons why it is easy to handle as daily tableware is that it is popular. I will.
It is light and thin, strong, and hard to absorb moisture and dirt, so it would have been accepted by many people. Even if you are not used to handling pottery, you can use it without worrying about it.



| Present Arita ware

Arita porcelain is prized in Japan for being given as a gift to the Imperial family,That traditional technique is in danger of survival.. On the other hand, while steadily handing down technology, pottery has been created that is closer to the modern lifestyle. Today, Arita porcelain, which has been born as Japan's first porcelain for more than 400 years, has more expressions and comes in a variety of prices, from expensive to easy-to-use.
The pottery markets held all over the country are a chance to see many works. The famous Arita porcelain event is Arita Pottery Market. It is held in Arita-cho in spring and autumn, attracting 1.2 million people every year, and exhibits more than can be seen.
Even if you can't go to the event easily, you can purchase the works from the homepages of Kimoto-san, trading companies, and writers. Nowadays, the Internet is a place where you can meet many pottery items, like walking through the pottery market.

Takayuki Nishi

One of the "Shizuku Series" by Takayuki Nishi. The freshness of the glaze, which is about to drip, is attractive. The design looks like modern porcelain.
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Yamahira kiln

A container with a refreshing and cool blue color. I am attracted to the expression that traps the fragility of bubbles.
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Kinshodo's "Rin New York Earth Series" ⁠
It has an antique metallic feel that doesn't seem like porcelain
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Shodo Main Store

A wine glass where you can feel the luxury of Komari's technology. It is a work that seems to be packed with a graceful atmosphere, and the dining table is lively.
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| Finally

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