A list of popular kinomoto lines of fashionable Arita grilled in modern

March 21, 2021

Arita ware in the Kakiemon style

A variety of is present in Arita Yakisa, a traditional crafts that boasts more than 400 years of history.
Many 元s were born while changing in a long history.

The characteristics of the vessel differ depending on the pottery, and there are things of the design of the tradition and modern and modern design.
If you get an Arita-yaki after knowing the brand concept of each 元, you will get more attachment and feel attractive.

So, in this article, we will introduce attraction and characteristics focusing on the popular kinimoto of Arita-yaki.

table of contents

  1. What is the pottery?
  2. Charm and characteristics of the oysters of Arita grilled
  3. Popular Locane List of Arita Yaki
  4. Introduce popular products by oysters of Arita grilled
  5. Yamahira
  6. Yakita Yama Hirako Foam Round Plate 16.5cm Blue
  7. Yakita Yamahiraki foam egg shell coffee C / s Pink Blue
  8. Gold hug
  9. Yakida Yakido Makoto Lin New York Earth Mug
  10. Yakida Yakido Kudo Lin New York Pearl Cup
  11. Prize Kidamoto store
  12. Yakida Yaki Prize Kidamoto Store Dye 4 方 割 籠 Wine Cup (Large)
  13. Yakida Award Prize Maiden Store Dye Plusty Text Wine Cup (Small)
  14. Summary Let's relax the dining table with a bowl of Yui Yakiyaki

What is the pottery?

Arita grilled platter

In the first place, what is "元" refer to?
The pottery is that it is easy to explain to "the place to manufacture ceramic".
Basically, it is called the place where the ceramic is created up to the finished product.

Even if I say a word with Kinomoto, the scale and manufacturing method can vary.
If you are doing it individually, there is also a pottery where there are several towards.
Since the pot to be used for firing is necessary, it does not seem to be the source if you do not own a bowl.

Where it is a pottery, it is called "◯◯ 窯".
Arita Yaki, "Yama Heiaki" and "Sakai Right Emperor", etc. are famous.
Besides, it may be called "Kamido" and "Sakai Ceramic" by the pot.

There is a back mark (mark) by the pot

Do you know that the ceramic is covered by the pottery?
Looking at the bottom of the bowl, there is a letter or mark as a back sign for each pot.
Some people look at this back sign and mark, and it is not uncommon for those who are looking for a bowl.

In fact, I bought a ceramic but I forgot the purchase source, and I would like to check this back mark mark when I want to know if I still sell.
If you already have a ceramic at home, how about confirming the back of the bowl?

Charm and characteristics of the oyster of Arita grilled

Arita grilled bowl and lid

I think I was able to see the basic things of the pottery.
So what kind of attraction and characteristics of Arita Yaku was the attraction and characteristics?

From here, we will introduce the attraction and characteristics of the Yakayo of Arita.

What is the characteristic of Yakita Yakyu?

Arita Yaku's pottery is different from other bakers.
That is that one piece of work is created by multiple craftsmen.

In the oyster oysters, a professional craftsman corresponds to each process.
Subdivided the steps such as molding, glazing, painting, and calcination, and different craftsmen work.

So, Yakayaku Yakayo tends to have many craftsmen and many large-scale pots.
Many of them have a history of 400 years, and they are famous as a famous brand.

Charm of the bowl made in the oysters of Arita grilled

What kind of attraction is the unit manufactured at Arita Yaku's pottery?
Arita Yaki is mainly made of porcelain and is attractive through the transparent white.
It is also characterized by smooth touch like glass, and it can be said that high sounds that ring when playing with your finger are also attractive.

Arita Yaki is a color that is called white magnetization unlike normal porcelain, so it reflects it very much.
It is a colorful painting on Arita Yaku, "Sakai Tatsuo Hatsuma Right".
Picture of a white white porcelain attracted a very beautiful and many people.

Furthermore, this white potential is not only the greatness of the appearance but also the durability.
That is also practicality, and it has long been used by many people's dining pan.

List of popularity of Arita Yaki

Arita Yaki and sushi

There are a lot of oysters of Arita grilled.
Some of them will have the original pottery from the time the Yakita Yaku begins.

From here, we will introduce a list of popular and famous Kinomoto among Arita Yaki.

  • Corporation
  • 柿 右
  • Now right
  • Sources of gale ghost
  • Fukudon
  • True right edge
  • Tiger
  • Citain
  • Deep rims

This time, we will introduce four katsumoto from this.


Kaoan is a corporate corporation established for the first time with absorption in 1879 (Meiji 12).
The founding is as mentioned above, but if you follow the history, the beginning dates back to 1689.

In 1689, Shimogawa, the first Shimogawa, has started manufacturing ceramics in Arita.
Then a massive generation of mass production will come and start to feel the limit to personal management.
After that, 1875, "Yoshimoto Hiss Aoi Co., Ltd.", which is the whole body of Yatsushiro Shigagawa, the whole body of Karan, was established.

Karan Co., Ltd. is famous for its technology for technology such as first making porcelain insulating glass using Arita-yaki technology.
Old Imari style, gemon style, pot is a style, as well as a wider style such as a gold-style style.
Among Arita Yaki, it can be said to be a tradition and a history of historic.

柿 右

I can not remove it to talk about Yakita Yaki's pottery.
It started with "Sakai Tanjima Right" that appeared several times so far.
Completed the red painter in the 17th century and now continues to the fifteen generation (as of March 2021).

Its history is about 370 years and a pot that makes the history depth.
Whatever you say, "Sakai Right Egg Style" characterized by a vivid picture that uses the margins is a great attraction.

At that time, it was widely exported with high praise even overseas without staying in Japan.
Overseas, we will collect popularity as the presence of the dining table and space of the King King noble.

Now right

Continuingly introducing it is a history of about 350 years and is right now.
In the Edo period, in the Kabe of Nabe Island, a device made as a gift and gift was made.
Anyway, the instruments that are sticking to the quality are called "Nasushima Style" and "Nabe Island Burns".

It is right to support the Nasujima style, Nabe Island with the right of Ayako.
It is known as the best red painter, and now it will be the fourth generation.

It has a little bluish, and it is characteristic of the backstone and the comb chive.
There are various types of "colored pots and islands" and "Nabe islands" "Nabe Island Achina" in addition to the dyeability.

Sources of gale ghost

Here is the source gester.
It is known as one of "Arita's three right areas" together with the above-mentioned Hirako and right now.
When viewed historically, it is newer than the two oles mentioned above, and the beginning is about 260 years ago.

There are also many traditional design vessels, but many vessels licking to modern lifestyles and trends are manufactured.
Vivid colors are beautiful and their delicate colors fascinating many people.

The late Edo period-over-the-counter period, over the downturn period, and in 1959, it is possible to say that it is a pottery that looks quickly to the modern collaboration product, such as joint manufacturing Tiffany and Western dishes.

We introduce popular products by oyster oyster

Arita grilled fish and fish

Yoshiya Yakabe has found that there are various 元.
From here, we will introduce the pottery handled on our site.

  • Yamahira
  • Gold hug
  • Prize Kidamoto store

Products will also be introduced along with the attraction and characteristics of each pot.


Yakita Yakikawa "Yamahiraki" is creating a device using a proprietary technique.
The deep investment heart of craftsmen created the only attractiveness of Arita Yaki.

Among them, it is the "Eggshell" series that represents Yamahira.
It is a durable Arita-burner while being a thinness of the egg shell.
Eggshell unique to the touch and feeling of use can only be tasted in Yamahira.

Yakita Yama Hiraki foam round plate 16.5 cm Blue

It is a bowl of a bubble series of Arita Yakayo's 元 "Yamahira."
It is a 16.5 cm round plate and coloring a dish of dining table.
Because it is easy to use small dishes, as a device that puts a dessert of tea time.
Yama Hiraaki-san is attractive like bubbles with unique special techniques.

Arika Yama Hirako Bubble Round Plate 16.5cm See details of Blue

Yakita Yama Hiraki foam Egg shell coffee C / S PINK

It is a coffee cup of the Bubble series of Yakita Yamaaki "Yamahira".
This coffee cup is also one of the eggshell series that Yamahira-san created.
I would like you to experience a thin and delicate drink like an egg shell.
It is a two-color development of pink and blue, so it is also recommended for marriage celebration gifts and pairs.

Yakita Yama Hiraaki Foam Egg Shell Coffee C / S Pink Details


Genbudo is a 1961 founder.
From 400 years of history of Arita Yaki, you can see that it is a relatively new kinomoto.
However, while inheriting the 400-year history, it is a pottery that produces a large number of designs that match the modern.

We are working to convey new style Arita-yaki to the next generation without being bound by tradition and history.
Recently, it is also in advance in the field of interior, such as developing tiles in addition to the vessels, and it can be said that it is a pottery full of challenge.

Yakida Yakido Makoto Lin New York Earth Mug

It is a mug of the "Makoto Lin New York Earth" series of Yakita Yakudo.
It is an adult-like texture that is an antique bronze.
While taking advantage of the traditional technology of Aritake, designs looking at the next generation are attractive.
It will be able to enjoy the usual cup of usual, such as Japanese tea and coffee.

Yakida Yakido Kudo Lin New York Earth See Mug Cup

Yakida Yakido Kudo Lin New York Pearl Cup

It is an article of "Mikuda LIN Japan" series of Yakita Yakudo.
Antique metallic feeling is characteristic and you can enjoy unique texture.
The viewing angle enjoys various ties and fantastic design is wonderful.
While taking care of the tradition, it can be said to be a modern and modern new Arita-yaki.

Yakida Yakido Cable Lin New York Pearl See details

Prize Madamoto store

The big attraction of Yoshita Yakiya, who has been old, is a white or colorful color picture.
I want to convey the tradition of Arita-yaki who has grew up such a long history even in the present age.

The theme of the award Madodo main store is "beautiful with the times".
The beautiful color painting is a big attraction of the theme, and the beautiful color painting to be jealous.
Delicate and elegant award Madodo Head office will have a sense of presence and will be an accent of the table.

Yakida Yaki Prize Madamoto Store Store Four Different Flower Site Wine Cup (Large)

It is an old immigrained wine collection of Yakidayaki "Prize Modamoto store".
Vivid color painting and gold, it is a colored wine cup.
This wine cup has won the granes in "attractive Japanese souvenir contest 2010".
In addition, we have received a winning winner and a highly evaluated with a name in the Luxury Japan sector.

Yakita Yaki Prize Madomoto Store Store 4 方 方 花 文 文 View details of Wine Cup (Large)

| Yakida Yaki Prize Madamoto store Daikou peony tentative sentence wine cup (small)

It is the wine cup of the old immigrained wine collection.
The old freaks of colorful colors attractive are loved all over the world without staying in Japan.
The beautiful color picture is as beautiful as you look at it.
Not only wine but also for fruit sake and sake, etc. are perfect.

Yakita Yaki Prize Madomoto Store Store 4 方 方 花 文 文 View details of Wine Cup (Large)

| Summary Let's color the dining table with the veteriner of Yakayaki

Arita grilled soy sauce plate

This time, I introduced the various katsumoto of Arita Yaki.
In the 400-year history, there are many 元 in Arita Yaku.
Founded 400 years, of course there are many relatively new katsumoto.

There is also a pottery that makes a bowl with traditional technology, but there are many wells that manufacture modern and avant-garde designs according to modern trends and lifestyles.

Even if you say a word with Arita Yaki, it can be said that the attraction and characteristics of the vessel are greatly different by the pottery.
I wonder if I found Yoshita Yakitori of my own favorite and squeeze a dining table wonderfully?

Arita Yaku products are here to view.

Product list of Arita Yaki

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