Those who like Japanese dishes must see! Introduce the popular pottery artist list and recommended works

April 29, 2021


If you like a bowl, you think that there are many famous baked areas and Konimoto.
Baked goods are made in various studies, which are also made in various workshops, other than famous, and there are also few pottery artists who are active.

Recently, there are many opportunities to see pottery city and craft market, etc., and more opportunities to see the works of pottery artists.
There are a lot of popular pottery artists, so I would like to know if I like the device.
So this time, we will introduce 10 ceramic artists who want to recommend.

table of contents

  1. With pottery writer
  2. Popular Women Ceramics Weader List
  3. Writer Iwasa Yoko
  4. Writer Iwasa Miko Matte Glass (Blue)
  5. Writer Sato Makiko
  6. Waker Sato Makiko Flower Baker Varies Green
  7. Ichiban Noriyama
  8. Writer Shinriami Sanka dot flower rim plate (transparent)
  9. Writer Oba Kohoko
  10. Writer Oba Kohoko Cherry blossoms and cracked bean dish and chopsticks
  11. Writer Kashiwa
  12. Writer Kashiwa Mitsuyama Ronda Plate (Mimosa Water Color)
  13. Writer Okamura Asuko
  14. Writer Okamura Asuko Roundfish Small Flower A
  15. Popular male pottery artist list
  16. Ceramic Thin Ice Writer Kawakata
  17. Ceramic Thin Ice Horizontal Ice Rubbing Sakai Seacha (Large)
  18. Winner West
  19. Writer Nishijo Soba Soba Sobacaguchi Green Green
  20. Writer Miyakoi
  21. Writer Miyakoe Miyoshi Mine Mine M Nile
  23. Yoshida Pottery Circular View Adult BLACK
  24. Summary | Find your favorite pottery writer and add to the attractiveness of the baker

| What is a ceramic artist

Ceramics writer making a bowl

First of all, let's know what kind of person is the ceramic artist.
Ceramics and artifices are fired with a shaped clay soil with a bowl to make a ceramic technique.
Generally, it is often called "baker".

And the pottery writer is a person who has such a technology for making such ceramic and baked goods.
It can be said that not only how to handle things such as Rokuro etc., but also to make various things such as soiling, painting, and glaze.

For each ceramic artist, the features and attraction of the work to be completed are as many as three.
The same thing is not the same, and good handmade goodness is packed with works.
It is interesting to look at the work while making any kind of style or what kind of attraction, each ceramic artist.

This time, I picked up 10 popular pottery artists who want to recommend.
First of all, I will introduce a female pottery writer.

Popular Women Ceramics Weader List

The female pottery writer introduced this time is the following six.

  • Makoto Sato
  • Noriya
  • Koji Oba
  • Village
  • Akiko Okamura

Each has a completely different style and attraction, and all have a nice work.
If you have a pottery writer who will be worried, please check by all means.
Please note that it may be out of stock depending on the timing you see.

Writer Iwasa Yoko

She completed the Graduate School of Art Graduate School of Art University of Kanazawa Art and Craft University, and she opened her pottery studio in Mobara City, Chiba Prefecture and became a pottery writer.
Her style that feels warm and warmth, which reflects her watercolor touch that has been handed on her while in her home. Her style is her popular.

While she is a very cute atmosphere, the unique nuances that the chest is likely to sound is very attractive.
Another dish, such as a picture book, is also produced, and a plate that is expressed like a picture book.

Writer Iwasa Matte Matte Grass (Blue)

It is a "mat glass large (blue)" represented by nuances like watercolor.
I feel very sophisticated beauty, but at the same time, it can be said that the cuteness is also expressed.
One by one is colored using a sponge, and a handmade atmosphere feels kind and warmth.
As it can be used as a free cup, it is possible to enjoy various drinks such as tea, juice and liquor.

Writer Iwasa Yuko Matte Glass View details of large (blue)

Writer Sato Makiko

At university, Makiko Sato who learned about baked things through the object production.
After graduating, she worked in general companies while she continued to produce grilled arts in Local Ibaraki.

She is now, she has a political classroom lecturer while she is working on a workshop in Ibaraki prefecture.
She is very warm and warm, is attractive and can not help feeling healing power.

| Waker Sato Makiko Flower bean dish Green

Adorable floral pattern drawn on a calm green bowl is very attractive.
Because there is a sense of presence in a bean dish, you will be able to color the dining table wonderfully.
Just make a little tea confectionery and one item, it will be a very gorgeous impression.
There are also mugs and plates, so please check it by all means.

Writer Sato Makiko Flower beans See details

| 新 作 み

Shin-Sato who is a ceramic artist with "Studio SEN" in Itoman City, Okinawa Prefecture.
She is stuck with a manufacturing method that she makes one piece of soil, such as Tatara forming.

There is no doubt that the handmade instrument dances the mind of the person who gets unique and hand.
She continues to create a nice bowl that incorporates a modern wind while cherishing the tradition.

A writer Shinriami Sanka dot flower rim plate (transparent)

It is a plate that is cute with colorful dot patterns of three colors.
Three colors in Cobalt Blue, Turkish Blue and Brown Think Okinawa's Sea and Rich Nature.
The shape of the plate is also like flowers, and it seems that the mind is lined up with a table.
You can use it in many scenes such as platter and one plate.

Writer Shinriami Sanka Dot Flower Rim Plate (Transparent Mass)

A writer Oba Kohoko

Oba Kohoko who has a very commitment from molding to painting.
She says that her adorable pattern is attractive and I want to look at it.

Above all, the bean dish and chopsticks are cuteness that you want to make a collection.
She is a pottery writer who produces unique works, such as other drinks and small dishes.

A writer Oba Kohoko Cherry blossoms and a cracked bean dish and chopsticks

It is a 2WAY baker that can be used as a bean dish and chopstick rest.
It differs depending on the pottery or half magnetic unit by her work, but this is the work of the semi-machine.
One carefully drawn pattern is very attractive and colored a dining table.
There is no doubt that it will be a cuteness that you want to collect various patterns.

Writer Obeki Kohoko Sakura and Water Bean Details and Kashiwa Plast

Hiter's Writer Toriyama

Mr. Tomori Tomoyama has graduated from the University of Musashino Museum of Art University of Art and Department of Ceramics.
In 2015, pottery circles that can participate with their children are also started.

While doing it in Tokyo, the work produced and produced from the nature is a lot of gentle tints.
She is also fun to get her vessel while thinking about "What is this work?"

Writer Kashiwa Mitsuyama Rhelash (Mimosa Water Color)

Your Sato, who loves mimosa.
She is a work that is born with her when she wants to feel mimos at any time regardless of the season.
Mimosa's yellow is visible and a very cute one plate is a very cute blue.
There are various shapes in addition to the rectangle, so how about aligning it by all means?

Writer Tatsuyama Flari Hideaki Kurayaku (Mimosa Water Color)

Author Okamura Asuko

She graduated from Musashino Art University in 2001, and started her creture in her workshop in Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Her parents and her younger brother are a ceramic artist family of ceramics, creating her nice work in her daily work.

Many cases made to deliver small happiness to your daily life.
Even with someone alone, it is attractive that it is warmth and warmth.

Kaku Okamura Akiko Roundfish Small Flower A

It is a work that feels a simple and warm texture of the soil.
It is a very lovable and nice round plate with a blooming floral pattern in it.
Every time you use it, you have a kind atmosphere that you will be relieved.
About 4.5 size, easy-to-use round dishes are perfect for dishes and sweets of cooking.

Writer Okamura Akira Maru Details View Details of Small Flower A

List of popular male pottery artists

The male pottery writer introduced this time is the following four.

  • Ceramic Thin Ice Writer Kawakata
  • Winner West
  • Writer Miyakoi

Women Ceramics Writer is a male pottery writer with different textures.
Please check by a writer that produces delicate and beautiful works. Please check it by all means.
Please note that it may be out of stock depending on the timing you see.

合 合 合

"Ceramic Thin Ice" Writer Kawaichi, Mr. Kawaichi, such as thin ice, is expressing a fine beauty with his work.
He said that he wanted to know more works using an ice penetration, and he seems to have named the "pottery-like ice".

A bowl made by Mr. Kawakai is a very delicate and beautifully beautiful works, but only works that want to look at it for your hand.
You can enjoy the mysterious look like ice cracked by the table.

Ceramic Thin Ice Horizontal Ice True Sakai Sakai (Large)

The design that looks like ice is cracked, such as an ice penetrating appendent, is very beautiful and attractive.
This unique cracking occurs depending on the difference in shrinkage rate when baking ground soil and glaze.
It will be a beautiful appearance that can be seen unexpectedly, and you will be able to create a dining table wonderfully.
Since the size development is large and small, you can use it as a couple bowl.

View details of pottery irritant ice bubble ice penetries (large)

West West Takashi Line

The only young pottery writer, which is a popular young pottery writer, is an excellent sense of feeling that the material of the material itself is excellent.
He graduated from the Fukuoka University Faculty of Engineering Department of Architecture Department of Architecture, Fukuoka University, and entered the ceramic department in Arita Ceramen.

The works that Mr. Nishimo-san created are plenty of attraction to make people who get crunchy and handle anyone.
While cherishing traditions of Arita Yako, it is also challenged to new style Arita Yaki.

Women Nishijo Soba Soba Sobacaguchi Green Green

The "Soba Sakaguchi Green Green" made by West Takashi West Makes a calm color feltes adult-like charm.
It is a work that utilizes the natural flow of liquid, and it is a soba sober with kind beauty.
Besides soba Mt., you can also use it as a free cup or a small bowl.
There is also a blue green, so it is also recommended to use it as a pair.

Writer Nishitaka Soba Soba Sobacaguchi Flower Green Look for details

| Waker Miyako Seki

Ceramics writer Miyako, who holds workshops in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, continues to create his work in techniques using the type of bell.
The bells are the techniques that are basically conducted in the case of mass production, but Miyagi British seems to be doing all the processes in their own studio.

As a result, it is immersed in the cretics while pursuing innovative expressions and unique designs.
Vivid Indigo Blue and Night Blue are a beautiful color that continues to attract many fans.

Writer Miyako 英 至 至 至 m m る M His Nile

A bright Nile Blue, which makes the sea of ​​the southern country, is a beauty that will be found in mind.
The colored taste with unique nuances will produce a dining table gorgeous.
Of course, it is also compatible with various dishes as well as various vegetables.
There is no doubt that daily meals will be in the middle of the day of Miyagi British.

Writer Miyako Miyuki Mine Mine View details M Nile

YOSHIDA POTTERY (Writer Yoshida Mato)

Masa Yoshida, who holds the studio in Ashiya Old Miyazuka-cho house, is a pottery writer who is pursuing the beauty of the first impression.
He is working hard to create a "growing guy" that shows various expressions by the person used.

An instrument that produces a dining table from a nice space from the creation of a nice space is a sophisticated beauty.
Simple modern, very easy-to-use vessels are also attractive.


It is a circle type plate produced by Tatara forming.
I feel the beauty of the rose and a lively beauty as it is likely to bloom.
The pretty shape called "flower" is also a mats black-like finish.
It is a perfect instrument that is easy to match various dishes.

Yoshida Pottery Circular View See details of adult BLACK

| Summary | Find your favorite pottery writer and put on the attractiveness of baked goods

Ceramics writer who turns around

This time, we introduced popular pottery writers by gender.
Each ceramic artist continues to create a unique instrument using its own technique.
Everything is the only thing that is unique, so how do you find your favorite ceramic artist by all means?

In addition to the people who introduced this time, there are many wonderful pottery writers.
Even with adult grilled online shops, we have published works from various pottery writers, so please check it.

Ceramics Writer products are here to view.

Product list of pottery writers

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