Good-time, sweet mug cup, nine of you!

May 02, 2021


Table of Contents

  1. The choice of the Mag Cup
  2. Nanami Aizome kiln kiln bronze mug Cup Blue
  3. Hasami ware pottery, Rosemary of Rosemary Soup Mag (light grematt)
  4. Yachumin-no-Mama-o-Mayama-Mag-Kappa-Dyed
  5. Yachimin-no-Mama-no-Mama-no-Shin-Cat -
  6. Yachimenku Karakusa Line: Karakusa-karakusakusai Free Cup Freestyle
  7. Writers' West Longer Glass 08 round shape (Large)
  8. yoshida pottery coffee, adult black.
  9. yoshida, pottery, sweetheart, white,
  10. Arita pottery: Lin's New York Earth Cup
  11. Summary

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Good afternoon.
A mug or cup is one of the many opportunities to be used in everyday life.
That's why I want to choose the design and use of the world with the care of my mind.
Of course, a nice cup is a gift for you.
There is a variety of materials and designs, but this time, I will also introduce the Mag Cup and the Cup of Soos.

| How to choose a mug cup?

What kind of functionality do you need?

The Mag Cup is important to choose what was in the end.
In any scene, depending on what kind of thing you want to drink, the material and size you choose will be changed.
Those made with a porcelain are light and hard to lack, and are strong and strong.
Water and dirt are strong, and many of them can be used in food washing machines and ranges.
In addition, ceramic mag is superior in thermity and cooling.
Let me choose the one that suits my life style.

-Design your own liking!

Your favourite design cup will make you feel better, right?
Even when you're not using it, it makes every day more fun by side-by-side on the cupboard.
When you have a hospitality, you will be able to play an active role as one of the fashionable interior of the room, considering the coordination of the room and the similarity of the cup.
Refined simple, cyonic colors, and distinctive patterns.
Enjoy the characteristics of each of them.

Blue-brown Japanese Aizen kiln kiln: bronze mug cups blue

"Bronze" is a popular "bronze" series by the Kobo-Somen kiln, which has continued for more than 400 years in the town of Hasami.
a shade of wind that has been used up over a long period of time.
This is the mug cup that makes adults feel free of them.
Sentiment with a matric and matric tone is a delicious finish.
The atmosphere of rust is one of the different features of the cup, so it is an important piece of the cup.
I can't miss the color of the yellow.
It can also be used for microwave ovens and dishwashing machines, so it can be used for everyday use.

-Sukenayaki Sho-ware kiln Rosemary broth mug (light grematt)

The "Rosemary" series of reliefs modeled on Rosemary Marie's model is impressive.
This color is called a light gremat.
He had a warm air, but he had a clean air.
As the flavor is refreshing, it is perfect for cold soup in the summer.
It is not only a soup or a mug but also a salad or a dessert.
Color is two colors for denim.
Both are delicate and nuanced colour.
There is a pottery in the pottery of a pottery that makes a large number of tools using natural motifs.


It is also a prefectural flower of Okinawa Prefecture, and a ceramic mug is painted with red flower, "Digo," which blooms in the first summer.
It heals a daigo-like pattern and a natural and graceful tone, as she grew up in the full of energy.
The thick form of yachiman has a sense of stability, and it can be said to be lazuthal.
The pottery was made by Shin Tao-kiln.
We are sticking to the materials of Okinawa, such as using blended clay of Okinawa in earthenware, and hand-making for the typical glaze of Okinawa.

Shin-no-Mama-no-Mama-no-Mama-no-Mama Mama

This is also the Freedom Cup of the Tao Shin-kilo.
The free cup is a noh player who can use it for any drink.
It's a user-friendly size, and it's very familiar to your hands.
A cyonic toy pattern drawn with a technique of more than one fancy!
The Chinese herb is known as a lucky charting which means longevity and longevity, as well as the prosperity of descendants.
A calm atmosphere and good use of Katsute.
This cup gives me time for a good night.
It is also nice to use the difference in the color of husband and wife.

Yachinin-no-iku Pottery-Karakusa Line: Midori-gyu-gyu-gyu-karakusak

It is a free cup with a carved line of karakusa (a Chinese herb).
This is a kiln that has been used since ancient times to make the most of the technology that has been used since ancient times.
Without a picture, the fins and delicacy of the pattern are not only visible, but also the touch-touch!
It is made of earthenware, so it has a temperature and cooling system.
In the next season, you should be recommended to drink iced coffee or drink alcohol.
If you look at the pattern of life that is full of life, it seems to be a little more warm and gentle every day.
If you look at the different colors, try to play the leading role in the coordination.

Writers' West Longer Glass 08 round shape (Large)

Hitome was a Glaskup reminiscent of a droppable drop.
One of the series'SHIZUKU' is a series of glaze that have a clear sense of glaze.
The pale pale blue, which is now to be spilled, is very cool and in the summer.
It seems to be in the air of the winters in the winter.
It expresses the beauty of glaze, which is a smooth, porcelain, in a hot kiln.
Takayuki Nishi is a young potter who has been producing original and original pottery.

yoshida pottery coffee, adult black.

Seiwa YOSHIDA, who wants to support the creation of space through yakimono (grilled food) and the table of the time of the family circle, is being made by such a thought.
It's a simple coffee cup made with a single locus.
It is designed to collect the scent of coffee and make it difficult to cool it down.
The black color of a clean adult is frank and is very simple.
The smooth, earth-skin would give me a good feeling of humor.
The same color, or different pairs of colors, is also available.
It's a gift for the gift of the herbal tea and the coffee that you like.

yoshida pottery, sweetheart, lovers, white,

It is a lovely round in the hand which is likely to be a good snack.
The distinctive surface of the concave convex pattern is a delightful touch.
This is made by hand by hand using the technique called ho, so all of the works that are made are patterned differently.
By continuing to use it, the colors are gradually penetrated into the hole through the cup, and the tone of the cup is more and more tasty.
I'm looking forward to what kind of cup will grow up.
This is a work of Mr. Masakazu YOSHIDA, who continues to make "Ikuatsu Depression."

Arrolaki Lin New York Earth Cup

Lin Lin japan, a brand created to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the founding of Arita ware.
This is impressive as a sort of astringent metal expression, but it's actually made of a porcelain.
The cups of 'non-day-to-day' concept are untrue.
By the angle of looking at it, the delicate shade changes to the glitter, and it causes a strange sensation.
It is a two-color gorgeous color of bronzes and pearls.
It's a happy cup to be used in a hospital-free place.

| Summary

I want to keep using it all the time.

How did you like it?
You have a cup that will lean against your own and the daily life of a very important person, and it's a little richer in your heart.
Just like you can meet a nice piece of food.

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