I want to keep using it carefully! How to clean the glass

August 11, 2020


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  1. How to wash glass dishes and cups
  2. First-time care
  3. How to dry
  4. How to store and store glass tableware
  5. Finally
Clean glass tableware and glasses.
You want to keep using your favorite things, those you got, etc. forever.
With a little care, you can enjoy the long-lasting beauty of glass tableware when you buy it.
Here, I would like to talk about things to be careful when washing glass dishes, gentle care using natural materials, and stubborn dirt removal methods.

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|How to wash glass plates and cups

・Washing basics

The common thing when washing any glass is to first remove the ring or watch to prevent scratching.
Then wash with a soft sponge, but use a different sponge than the one you normally use to wash dishes.
By using the same thing again, you can prevent oil stains and small scratches.
Do not use abrasives, detergents containing abrasives, cleansers, etc., and do not use metal scrubber, hard scourer, nylon scrubber, etc. that could damage the glass.

・Handwashing glass dishes

If you put it in the wash tub together with other dishes, dirt will be transferred.
If possible, it is safe to wash it with glass only, and wash it with other dishes before washing.
First, dissolve a neutral detergent in lukewarm water and wash it lightly with a sponge.
For the bottom inside the glass, use a brush or sponge for the glass with a handle.
The wine glass has a delicate shape, so hold the head and legs firmly before washing.
For those that are difficult to wash with a sponge, put finely crushed egg shells in a glass or vessel with detergent, cover with your hands or fingers, and shake to wash to remove dirt.
If the vessels overlap when washing and they cannot be removed, you can remove them by gently soaking the lower vessel in hot water and then gently turning it.
After that, rinse well with water and rinse with lukewarm water (around 40 degrees) to drain the glass and the glass will shine.
At this time, if hot water is used, the glass that is sensitive to a sudden temperature difference will be overloaded.
Be careful as crystal glass, which is often used in Edo Kiriko and brand names, is especially vulnerable.

・Use vinegar and bleach for cloudy weather, yellowing, and scales!

If it is cloudy or dirty, you can remove it by immersing it in bleach, vinegar and water (1:1), or sprinkling vinegar on the sponge.
In addition, it is recommended to soak the yellowish and darkening due to tea astringency and water stains in bleach for about 30 minutes and rinse well.
Gently rubbing a cloth or sponge with salt also has the effect of a gentle abrasive that does not scratch the glass.

・If you cannot remove the lipstick

You can remove it by rubbing the toothbrush with ethanol.

・Cleaning stains with coffee or wine

You can also remove stains from coffee and red wine.
If it's just dirty, rub it with an acrylic scrubbing brush made from acrylic wool, a sponge with baking soda, or a soft toothbrush, without using detergent.
Baking soda can be soaked and washed, and if it is a small amount it is harmless to the human body.
For stains that are difficult to remove, use diluted dishwashing bleach and soak for at least 30 minutes. Remember to rinse well.
Also, make sure that there are no unbleachable materials such as resins or metals.

・When oil stains are attached

Rub it with a sponge with baking soda or a soft toothbrush.
It is effective to wash it with a little hot water, but be careful as there are some glasses that are vulnerable to boiling water and sudden temperature changes.

・Can a dishwasher be used?

It is safer not to use it in the dishwasher except for dishwasher compatible glass.
Especially, crystal glass, thin glass and cut glass are at risk of breakage.

・Other cautions!

Placing glass products that are not heat-resistant glass in places where sudden temperature changes (especially cooling) may cause them to crack.
Be careful when washing or drying the product, as it may be damaged if it comes into contact with hot containers.

|Cleaning before using

・First step to use cleanly

Check carefully when you purchase.
When using it for the first time, put a small amount of dishwashing neutral detergent in warm water in a container and wash it with a soft cloth or sponge.
At this time, be careful not to touch the glass in the water.
Also, by laying a thick cloth on the bottom of the container, it will act as a cushion.

|How to dry

・Wipe off important water drops!

After washing, drain it on a dry cloth or on a drainer basket without stacking it with other dishes to prevent scratching.
If the water drains to a certain extent, wrap it in a cloth so that your hands and fingers do not touch the glass directly and wipe it.
By wiping it, you can also remove the components that cause fog, such as dirt left on the glass in small amounts.
For the cloth, use a soft and clean cloth that does not show fluff of 100% cotton and hemp, and a cloth for glass.
At this time, be sure to use something that is dry and washed regularly.
If you use a damp or dirty cloth, it will reversely attach the ingredients that cause scratches and cloudiness to the glass.

・What if the water drops are left as they are?

There is no problem if it is naturally dried without wiping, but if the water is not drained well, the chlorine and calcium in the tap water will be left as white marks.
If it is stubborn, it will be difficult to remove it, so wipe it off immediately with a cloth.

|How to store and store glass tableware

・Be careful not to collect too much moisture and collect moisture

The storage method may damage the glass.
The recommended way to do this is to keep it dry.
If the glass is laid down, moisture will accumulate, causing cloudiness.
When storing, keep it facing up or have an air escape path.
Wrap it in paper when you store it in a box instead of a cupboard.
Sometimes the paper may absorb moisture, so take it out of the box and replace the paper.
Also, since glass is weak against the force from the inside, it is safe to store it without stacking it.
Stacked ones are fine, but when stacking plates and other glasses, put a cloth or thin paper between them and store them.
Be careful not to put in a cutlery such as a spoon, as it may cause scratches.
If all the glasses and plates are packed in a crawl, they may accidentally drop or fall.
It is safe to store it with room.
Glasses can also cause cloudiness if left unused for a long time.
We recommend that you use it regularly.

| Finally

・Enjoy glassware in your life

With clean glass tableware, every day will be a pleasant one.
In order to enjoy glass tableware for a long time, please try incorporating it from the possible ways.

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