What is Commander Hasa?The features and history are also introduced!

April 18, 2020


Table of Contents

  1. What is Commander Hasa?
  2. Characteristics of the waisamiyaki
  3. History of the waisomi ware
  4. The reason why the Saki ware was popular.
  5. The present Hasami-yaki

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| What is the waydown-burning?

The Hasami ware is a ceramic ware made in the town of Hasami Town, Higashisonogi County, Nagasaki Prefecture. Hasami-cho is located next to Arida-cho, Saga Prefecture, which is famous for its roasted-ware pottery. The sticky clay is also used in Arita ware from the Amakusa Peninsula, Kumamoto Prefecture, which is mined from the area. Because the mass production of wasa is often done in mass production, one artisan craftsmanship is not completed from the beginning to the end, but the division of the work is done through a division of business. When making the shape of the utensils, the type is used instead of hand, and a craftsman who makes a 'gypsum type' which is the prototype of the utensils, a craftsman who makes a 'dough' using that type, and 'Yogen' (pottery), which is made of the fabric. Each professional craftsman is collaborating to create a piece of work.

The history of the waisamiyaki

In the Edo period, the fire started in the Edo period when a kiln was made to burn grilled food in three places: Hatanohara, Furusaya-ya, and Yamagida in the Hasami-cho-cho tree to make a mass of yakimono. In the early days, earthenware was made with glaze, but the raw materials were found, and many celadon and celadon ceramics began to be produced. In the latter half of the Edo period, the production of dyees was developed into a Japanese one. It is a historical fact that has a history of over 400 years, but it has been known as the name of a yakimono (roasted food) in the last few years. Before that, Hasamimi ware was treated as a part of Iburi-yaki (Japanese pottery) and Uda-yaki (Arita pottery). However, due to the issue of deception of beef production, it is socially required to clarify the origin of the production area, and therefore, it is not possible to use it as a pottery. In order to expand into a new world as the 'Hatanami ware,' it was in the times of the times in which kilns, crafts, and local governments worked together to create the things that existed in the times. Today, it has become a popular pottery with a modern, moduous atmosphere, even in the process of having a tradition.

| Characteristics of the Saki pottery

Yakimono in each production area, such as Arita ware, Shigaraki ware, and Mino ware, is characterized by its characteristics. However, the Hatsayaki ware is said to be 'the name of the Hasamayaki,' which is said to have been made without any characteristics. Because there is no such technique or design that can be seen with the sight of the wasa by sight, it can be created with a free idea that incorporators the fashions of the times. A wide variety of works have been created, including the retro-style and modern design. The most famous of the Hasami-yaki pottery is Kurawanka kawan konpura vase vase vapor vapor. In the Edo period, the name comes from the fact that a bowl of rice, which was produced in the Edo period, was sold in conjunction with 'kurawakuran or sakurakawan' (sake-brewing sake). At the time, the porcelain was considered expensive, but the rice bowl was sold at a convenient price for the common people, along with a simple design, and it triggered the spread of the porcelain to the general public. A kompra vase was made to export sake and soy sauce to other countries after the Dutch people asked a craftsman who had a soy sauce in the end of the Edo period to make a bottle of soy-sauce. It is said that the vorenica tableware was born in 1987 as an inexpensive tableware for use in school lunches, and became a source of reinforcement porcelain. Today, it is now also used in schools and hospitals across the country.
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| The reason for the popularity of the Saki pottery

The Hasami-yaki ceramics used ceramic ware that had a strong image as a luxury item to spread to the world as a day-to-day tableware. Many people have accepted the ease of handling because many of them do not absorb moisture, but they do not absorb moisture and can be used for food inectors and ranges. Although it is popular among young people, it is possible to create a wide range of lifestyles, regardless of gender, because it is possible to design a wide range of designs without any type. In recent years, the branding strategy of the Hasami-yaki Pottery, which has been used as a target for women as a target for advertising and propaganda, seems to have led to the deep-rooted popularity of the buri-burning burnt.

| Hasamimi ware today

It was not known to the world about ten years ago when it was first called "The Saemet-yaki" in the event of a Tableware Festival. However, it is now widely recognized as the production area of famous yakimono (roasted food). At the scene of the construction of the Hasami ware, there are new attempts such as carrying out collaboration with design shops and interior stylists, and it is said that offers have been received from abroad and from abroad. It is a sense of the momentum that the Hatsaki ware was read in the past and established a view of the value of the ' utensils from this time. '
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This is the work of the same kiln as the one I mentioned earlier. The design of the calmness and the rim of the rim is too conspicutute, and it becomes an accent of the dining table.
with a picture of a photograph of a photograph of a fancy use of a colour rushy. Even in shape or color, it can be used.
This is the light spring kiln that provides his works to the Tokyo Life Style Shop. It is a combination of colorful colors, but it is not a simple one. It is used as a pen stand or a dry flower. You can use your ideas as soon as possible.
A blown-like grosslike brown, like any dish, would help me to make it a good cook.
This is the popular "Shinogi-Series," which is a popular series by Ichiryu Suenen. The delicate and japanese moan atmosphere is both sums and oceanic dishes.
A simple, casual impression, but a particular obsession of fforums. Stacking will also be a picture.
It's a kind of hand-held device that can feel the atmosphere of northern Europe. I am happy that I am not too aware of the strength of my shoulders.

| last

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