What is Mino Yaki, a traditional Japanese pottery?

August 12, 2020


Table of contents

  1. What is Mino Yaki?
  2. History of minoyaki
  3. Style and characteristics of minoyaki
  4. Beyond generations!The popularity of minoyaki
  5. Minoyaki from now on
  6. Finally

Mino Ware is made in Japan, which accounts for about half of all ceramics.
It has a long history, and a lot of pottery has been made to the present day, and it is familiar to people.
There are many people who say that the ceramics used to be Mino Ware.
This time we will introduce about such Mino Ware.

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What is"minoyaki"?

- Versatile expression

Mino-Yaki is a pottery made in Tajimi, Toki, Kani, mizunami, Kasahara and others in Gifu Prefecture.
These are famous places known as pottery production areas.
Minoyaki has a history that reflects people's tastes and trends.
We have created new technologies and values, and we have continued to produce the pottery that is demanded by the world.
Therefore, Mino-Yaki is not characterized as"Mino-Yaki"at a glance.
It can be said that it is a pottery with such a colorful figure.

/ History of minoyaki

In the Azuchi-Momoyama period, it was used as a tea ware, and today it is used as an everyday Ware

The origin of Mino-Yaki is believed to have been the origin of sueki, which was made in the Nara period.
In the Heian period, the glaze Ware"ash glaze pottery"was made, and in the Kamakura period,"mountain tea bowls"were made as a vessel for daily use, without applying glaze.
In the 30 years of the Azuchi-Momoyama period, Mino-Yaki pottery has become the basic style of Kise-Seto, Seto-black, Shino, Oribe, etc., and many wonderful ceramics have been created as"tea ware"used in the tea ceremony.
For Sen no Rikyu, a tea master who sought the world of apology and forgiveness, his disciple, Furuta Oribe, liked the beauty of freedom, and"Oribe" was born between Azuchi-Momoyama and the early Edo period.
As a result, Mino-Yaki is further developed, and it is also transmitted to Kyoto, Osaka, and Edo.
In the Edo period, the home of tea ware was moved to kyoyaki.
In Mino-Yaki pottery, the noborama kiln was used, and the pottery was made with a lot of everyday items.
As a result, production of Mi Fukai Ware, dyeing, Celadon and white porcelain will become mainstream.
In the Taisho period, Mino Ware began to produce highly artistic crafts,and some ceramists pursued their own expressions.
Furthermore, from the Meiji period to the modern age, Mino Ware spread throughout Japan because of the advanced technology to mass produce pottery at cheap prices.

/ Style and features of minoyaki

Mino Yaki has a variety of styles, but among them, the basic four of"kiseto・Seto black・Shino・Oribe"are.

Kise-to (Kase-to))

It is characterized by a warm, soft yellow color with a plant pattern.
There are spots of green,"Ayame hand" which is the wind of the scorching, there is a thickness and there is almost no pattern and no charring "only hand".

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Tora-O Hayashi "Kise-do-Gu-Yai" high 4.3 x diameter 6.3 state good-Kodai-na-inscription-bookmark-co-crack-co-box otsutsuka kiln.He succeeded the third son of kagemasa Kato, the longest-reborn and intangible cultural asset of Mino, 'the second generation', and produced tea utensils in the Kise todochu. Taisho fifteen years Gifu live #W door #Lin 虎林 虎男"W door stupid or merely" high 4. 3×diameter 6. 3 status good・high ground in the stirred and Ming・bookmark along・with crack・with Box second mound kiln.He succeeded the third son of kagemasa Kato, the longest-reborn and intangible cultural asset of Mino, 'the second generation', and produced tea utensils in the Kise todochu. Taisho fifteen years Gifu live #W door #Lin 虎男 #ceramics #sake Cup #酒盃 #art #antiquities #Lotus 慈光 art #pottery #sakazuki #sakecup #kiseto #renjikoh

Ren jikoh Artsa post shared by (@renjikoh_arts) -

- Unique black color is the charm of Seto black (seitoguro)

In the days when there was only a black tea bowl with a reddish tinge, it was a beautiful black with a deep depth, a pottery that was welcomed by the Tea people.
This Black color appears by firing in a kiln around 1200 degrees, taking it out of the kiln and cooling it rapidly.
This technique is called"drawing black".
In addition, it was noticed that the Seto Black was made in the form of a semi-cylindrical cup with a low height.

- Soft milky Shino (Shino)

Shino has a delicate intricacy, a gentle white color and a bright scarlet color.
It is said to be the first white pottery made by Japanese people.
At the time, plain tableware was common sense, but Shino was revolutionary in the way that patterns were drawn.
In addition, there are kinds of such as plain Shino, picture Shino,rat Shino,red Shino, Rendle Shino, etc., and Shino Chawan"ushanka wallcoverings"is designated as a national treasure only in domestic tea bowl 2.
Shino became in the Edo Period, technology was lost, but the living national treasure of Shino and Seto black toyouzo Arakawa reproduced Shino.

- Oribe made by Oribe Furuta)

In the Azuchi-Momoyama period, the pottery was made according to one's taste by the master of tea ceremony, Furuta Oribe.
The patterns and paintings, which are painted with pigments containing bright green and iron, were unprecedented.
There are many shapes and patterns such as Oribe black, blue Oribe, and Shino Oribe.
It is also thought that Furuta Oribe was involved in the birth of kiseto, setoguro, and Shino.

/ Beyond the generations!The popularity of minoyaki

- The charm of Japanese tableware

Enjoy the flow of the glaze, the shape with distortion as an expression minoyaki, because you can taste the charm of the Japanese tableware to fully, it is a popular pottery from all generations.
In addition, Mino-Yaki has become one of the popular reasons that the region where it is made and a wide variety of products are also popular.
The history which continued to develop while reflecting the era, not only the texture is different for each region, it was a very high quality pottery was born each.
Now, as a ceramic ware loved by various people, it has become a pottery production area where about half of Japanese tableware is made.

|Minoyaki from now on

- More expressions are born

Mino Yaki, which has been making pottery that suits each era, has also been born one after another works that fit the modern lifestyle.
Here I will introduce a work that can be said to be"modern Mino Ware".

It is a pottery that was born in Mino called seiyaki.It is delicate and has a nice modern pattern.

Bright, flavorful color.This is what heavy!I want to appear on the table a lot other than as a heavy.

It is a flat bowl of a traditional yellow set.It is a color that makes the dish look delicious.The chicken's pattern is finally grainy.

It is the dish of the mysterious atmosphere which is in the penetration. I hope you will be able to keep your usual clean.

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The shade of mysterious harmony like lacquer or eggplant. It is a beautiful Mug like transparent glass.

At last

My favorite Mino ware

How was it?
Mino Yaki is a variety of charms with a wide variety of charm.
Search for your favorite vessel only.

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