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June 08, 2020


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The existence that complements the food so much that it is said that "ware is a kimono for cooking." Above all, the natural texture of Japanese tableware has a warm atmosphere. This time, I would like to introduce some tips on choosing dishes to decorate the dining table and some stylish Japanese dishes.

| How to choose Japanese dishes

・Function and size

Let's choose a plate according to the purpose you want to use. There are sizes that are easy to use depending on the dish. A 7-inch plate for serving the main side dish. For one plate rice, as a special plate. Depending on how you want to use it, it may be a good idea to select a dish set with the same set. In addition, the comfort of the light and sturdy bowls will change. Pottery has heat and cold insulation, and most porcelain can be used in dishwashers and microwave ovens.

・Plate design

You can choose your own taste or enjoy combining with your tableware. From simple things to soothing colors and bright colors. It's fun to worry about what kind of food to cook. If it is for guests, it may be a hint to choose compatibility with the interior of the room. Porcelain is somewhere modern and stylish, and the earthenware has a natural texture, giving the table a warm atmosphere.

| Round plate


Mr. Masakazu Yoshida, who is making a "growing container" whose expression gradually changes depending on the user. This is a snow ring type plate made of Tatara. The snow ring pattern is a traditional Japanese pattern designed with snowflakes. Feminine appearance and clean and simple shape can be used all winter as well as winter. The white bowls gradually add to the taste of life. There are many people who say, "I want to grow a container and make it into a special dish that is unique to me." It is safe to use in a microwave oven or dishwasher.

・Hasami ware Aizen kiln bronze 18 cm plate yellow

The "Bronze" series, which looks like an antique, is created by Aizen Kiln, a potter in Hasami Town. It is a popular series with a distinctive bronze character. The soothing matt color and the rough texture are of high quality for adults. The dishes have different textures one by one, and the exact same thing cannot be completed. The size is 18 cm, which is convenient for main dishes, side dishes and desserts. By incorporating it into the table coordination, it becomes a cafe-like table with an atmosphere.

・Yachimun Ikutoen arabesque line engraving 7 inch plate green glaze arabesque white

Ikutoen, a pottery that has been around for 300 years. We are particular about the materials that originate in Okinawa and are made every day. This line engraving seems to be drawn directly without a sketch. A beautiful arabesque pattern that is carved without hesitation. A healthy menu full of vegetables and nutrition! Since the hill is a little higher, you will have a special feeling in your usual rice. The 7-inch plate is a convenient size that can be used for main dishes, curries, pasta, etc.

・Yachimun ceramic pot 7 inch plate with dyed dots (goth candy)

This dish, designed by Mr. Toama Kiln, who has a workshop in Okinawa, is recommended for both Yachimun lovers and those who have never used Yachimun. It features a round pattern that is familiar to Yachimun and has a soft presence. The gradual pattern of bleeding has a taste and makes you feel the tranquility of Okinawa. I am happy that the design is easy to use while it is an accent for the coordination of the table. And the 7-inch size is very convenient. It's a size that comes in handy when there is one for living alone.

・Hasami ware Shoho kiln rosemary 5 inch plate (denim)

Mr. Shoho kiln, who is made in Hasami-cho, Nagasaki Prefecture, has made many vessels with a motif of nature. For example, a series with rosemary relief on the edges. The glaze pool created by the pattern and the form is very beautiful. It's casual, but the colors with depth are exquisite. It is a reliable plate that makes it easy to combine any dish, Japanese or Western. The 5 inch plate can be used as a plate in addition to cakes and salads. When used in combination with light gray mats of different colors, it is a smart dining table that looks good on Instagram.

| Oval Plate

・Hasami ware Shoho kiln rosemary oval plate (denim)

Oval dish, one of the "rosemary" series by Shoho Kiln. The lively rosemary pattern is also very nice in this work. The modern and fashionable oval plate is very convenient because you can choose which dish to serve. It is a mysterious existence that can be easily drawn when placed on the table. Another characteristic of Hasamiyaki is the ease of use that can be used in a dishwasher and microwave oven.

| Square plate

・Hasami ware Aizen kiln bronze long angle plate blue

A clean square plate is a must-have among Japanese tableware. It goes well with Japanese food. The texture that reminds us of natural rust, which is the highlight of the "Bronze" series, gives the dining table a taste. It is recommended to enjoy grilled fish and fresh seafood here. You can also use a microwave oven and dishwasher, so you can use it normally without worrying. The sharp shape peculiar to Hasami-yaki has a very fresh color with a deep flavor.

・Hasami ware Aizen kiln bronze square plate yellow

This is also a square-shaped plate of the "Bronze" series designed by Aizen Kiln. The bright yellow color and the calm expression of yellow are impressive. It's likely to be the leading role or the supporting role of coordination. The square plate is a functional shape that can use the space on the table without waste. Why not add it to your table coordination, which tends to have many round plates?

・Yachimun ceramic pottery kiln long angle plate (saury dish) dyed goth candy arabesque

A long-distance plate made by Tohma Kiln that continues to create new expressions while inheriting tradition. The soft mood that Yachimun has makes the dining table gorgeous. Apart from serving as a saury dish, appetizers are also lined up little by little for hospitality. The edges are slightly raised, so it's okay to cook with a little water. The arabesque pattern is a recommended motif for gifts such as wedding gifts and 60th birthday celebrations.

| Finally

・Japanese dishes with attractive handicrafts

Japanese plates come in a variety of shades and textures. And each one has a lot of thoughts of the creator. Touching such a plate will make your daily life more polite and natural. Please use various dishes and enjoy your own coordination.

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