Recommended for wedding celebrations and gifts. Pair glass of Ryukyu glass

March 21, 2021

Clear Ryukyu Glass

Ryukyu glass that emits a unique beauty that attracts the viewer.
When visiting Okinawa at a trip, there are also many people who buy to souvenirs.
Such Ryukyu Glass is also popular as a gift such as a wedding celebration.

In this article, the Pair Glass of Ryukyu Glass introduces the most popular reasons for gifts.
Besides, we will check the budget and choose points when giving them a gift, so please check it.

In addition, we will introduce the recommended Ryukyu glass pair glass.

table of contents

  1. Ryukyu glass pair glass is popular with gifts
  2. Budget for giving a pairs of Ryukyu glass with a gift
  3. Point of choosing a pairs of Ryukyu glass as a gift
  4. Pair glass of Ryukyu glass pleasing to wedding celebration and gift
  5. Glass workshop with and mugs (middle)
  6. Sound sake for the glass workshop with Tobu
  7. Ryukyu Glass Studio Glass32 Uddy Glass Long (Wed)
  8. Ryukyu Glass Studio Glass32 Chopsticks
  9. Ryukyu Glass Takumi Kobo Sawami Tar Glass Blue / Water
  10. Ryukyu Glass Masturbator Boille Boy Mug
  11. Summary Let's give a pairs of Ryukyu glass that feel the wind of the southern country

Pair glass of Ryukyu glass is popular with gifts

Pair glass of Ryukyu glass

Ryukyu Glass is a traditional crafts that is produced around Okinawa Main Island.
The beginning of the Ryukyu glass is said to be the Meiji period.
At that time, a glass daily necessities such as lamp Hoya was made.

Then it will be after the war, and there is a shortage of materials to make glass products.
It was an empty bottle of cola and beer who was incorporated there.
Ryukyu glass, using such materials, will eliminate unique attractions different from others.

Based on these backgrounds, let's look at the Pair Glass of Ryukyu Glass for gifts.

Poppy form by sparkling

Ryukyu glass is mainly made of sparkling techniques.
It is a technique that winds the melted glass at the tip of the blowing rod and spray breath from one side.
We will prepare for various shapes and sizes depending on the amount and strength of the breath blew.

It is a technique that can be said to be a craftsmen technique, but it is the charm of Ryukyu glass that it becomes a finished with a chopstick by this sparkling technique.
While being a glass product, I look like something else and feel warmth.

If the pairs of Ryukyu glass are lined up in the dining table, it will feel calm and calm.
Ryukyu glass that attracts what you see and feels gentle is perfect for wedding celebration gifts for peaceful and happy marriage.

Ryukyu glass unique bubble

It is still that air bubble as a major feature of Ryukyu glass.
Bubbles may arise when breaking and regenerating juice or beer free bottle.
In the original, the one containing air bubbles is not a sale.
However, in Ryukyu glass, this bubble is attractive.

"Don't worry if bubbles are in the case of entering, rather a wonderful texture" is not an Okinawa-like way of thinking.
Ryukyu Glasses are looking at unique bubbles, and they feel like floating in the large sea of ​​Okinawa.

Ryukyu glass that lets you feel like a good feeling like Okinawa, perfect for wedding celebration gifts.

Colorful glass

Another attraction of Ryukyu glass.
It is a colorful glass.

At that time, the glass bottle that the US military was discarded was a variety of colors.
There are a wide range of colors such as blue, green, brown and black.
Ryukyu glass is made by making these multicolored glass materials.

Colorful and gentle shades with regenerated glass are very cute and attractive plenty.
In recent years, a more wide colored Ryukyu glass is made using colorants other than regenerated glass.

Life who will receive a couple life will also like colorful to color like Ryukyu glass.
With such a feeling, how about giving Ryukyu glass to a gift such as wedding celebration?

| Budget for giving pairs of Ryukyu glass with gifts

Three Ryukyu glass

How much money does it take to give a pairs of Ryukyu glass with gifts?
If you make an approximate guide, the gift selection is smooth.

There is also a market price when you give a gift such as a wedding celebration.
It is good to keep track of how much money should be applied to the gift.

Here, we will introduce the market price of the budget and wedding celebration when giving a pair glass of Ryukyu glass.

Pair glass of Ryukyu glass is around 3,000 to 10,000 yen

A word with Ryukyu Glass, there are various glass studio.
The glass workshop also differs in the unit price per glass.
As the budget market, it is about 3,000 to 10,000 yen.
If it becomes high, there are also things that cost 10,000 yen or more.

The larger the larger, the more like coloring design.
As it looks different depending on the person, let's consider something that is simple or decorated.

How long is the market price for wedding celebration?

The wedding celebration market price is common to fluctuate with the relationship with the other party to give a gift.
For families such as brothers and sisters, 30,000,000,000 yen is said to be the market.
In the case of your home, it is also good to decide while consulting with parents and so on because the way of thinking of wedding celebration is different.

If you become relatives, 30,000,000,000 yen is the market price.
A slightly upper limit amount is slightly lower than the direct family.
If there are friends and workplaces, 20,000 to 30,000 yen are said to be the market price.

Besides, the amount will be up and down whether or not to attend the wedding.
Because it is a gift to the last, the feeling is more important than sticking to the amount.

Ryukyu Glass has various products such as chopsticks and tough tiny.
You may want to choose a gift while considering budget and market value.

Points to choose a pairs of Ryukyu glass to gifts

Light blue Ryukyu glass

To this point, Ryukyu glass introduced the gifts popularity and budget and market value.
So, if you actually give Ryukyu glass, how should I choose and choose what points?

  • Choose a color that your opponent likes
  • If you want to give a pair glass to pick up the opponent's lifestyle, choose a wide-mouth one

Picked up the above three as a point for selection.
We will explain each point in detail.

Choose a color that your opponent likes

The attraction of Ryukyu glass is that there is a colorful glass.
There is a rich color variation such as blue, green, brown, orange, pink and purple.

There are many options in terms of "color", so you may find a pair glass that matches the other party's preferences.
You will be able to reserve something, in advance the color you like to give the gift.
If you think about the other party, you should be transmitted the feelings of the celebration.

Choose considering the opponent's lifestyle

Ryukyu Glass has a chopsticks, buckwheat, beer mugs, etc. besides glass.
Depending on the other party you give, you will like to eat rice, you have each lifestyle, such as loving drinks.

Even if you give a sake of Ryukyu glass to a person who does not drink alcohol at home, it is likely that you can not use it.
In this case, select items that can be used everyday even if you do not drink alcohol such as pair glass and chopsticks.
Thus, it is important to choose the Ryukyu glass taking into account the other lifestyle.

If you want to give a pair glass, choose a wide-mouth one

If you are thinking of giving a pairs of Ryukyu glass, we recommend a wide alert.
If it is a wide glass, you can also enjoy large ice so you can enjoy alcohol.
Of course, it is not limited to alcohol, but you can enjoy beautiful Ryukyu glass with various drinks.

There is a feeling of presence if it is a wide-mouth glass, so it will be a wonderful accent when arranging on the table.
While comparing each glass color, pattern, air bubble, shape, etc., you can enjoy meals and dinner while tasting the atmosphere of Okinawa.

| Pair glass of Ryukyu glass who is pleased with wedding celebration and gift

From here, we will introduce a pair glass of Ryukyu glass pleasing to wedding celebrations and gifts.
Ryukyu glass is rich in glasses that can be used in various applications.

This time, I will introduce from three glass studies.
In addition, pair items other than glass are also posted, so please refer to the gift selection.

Glass studio and his mug (middle)

The first thing to introduce is the glass studio and Tomo's mug (middle).
Unlike the mugs seen in a tavern etc, I feel sophisticated beauty like 凛.
Because it is made to be easy to hold, it is perfect for everyday use.
There are medium sizes and small sizes, so you can use it as a pair.

Look at the details of the glass workshop and the mug (inside)

Sound sake for glass studio with Tobu

This is a small 猪 口 口 口 泡 泡 泡 泡 泡.
In Okinawa, it is called "Chilahu."
A long-fashioned way of bedmaking seems to be caught as a treasure.
The palm size is a very cute pair item.

Ryukyu Glass Studio Glass32 Uddy Glass Long (Wed)

Continuingly introducing it is Glass Long (Wed) of Ryukyu Glass Studio Glass32.
I feel lovely a form with a thick thicker in Ryukyu glass.
A smooth curve is beautiful and pale light blue is a very beautiful long glass.
It is a two-color development of light blue and clear, so it is a recommended product as a pair glass.

Ryukyu Glass Studio Glass32 Design Details of Uddy Glass Long (Wed)

Ryukyu Glass Studio Glass32 Chopsticks

This is the chopstick rest of the Ryukyu Glass Studio Glass32.
While simple, a plump form gives a pretty impression.
As color variations are complete, it is an item you want to get in a pair.
I feel the attraction that makes several kinds of visits.

Ryukyu Glass Takumi Kobo Mass Water Tar Glass Blue / Water

The last thing to introduce is the Talgrass of the Ryukyu Glass Takumi Kobo.
It was shaken in the summer of Okinawa and was shaken in a breeze style and was made by imaging "Masanami".
You will be able to spend while feeling the time of relaxing in Okinawa.
This "blue / water" and "green / water" can be used as a pair glass for two-color development.

Ryukyu Glass Takumi Kobo Mass Water Tar Glass Blue / Water Details

Ryukyu Glass Masturbation Box Beer Jug

This is the Ryukyu Glass Takumi Kobo's beer mug.
"Making fun" "joy" "joy" "I can move" is made in the motto of the works, all seemed to live.
The beer mug of the picture is the color called "the Sea of ​​competition" and "Conpeki Sunset".
You will be able to spend a wonderful dinner time while sharing the joy you use together in a pair.

| Summary Let's give a pairs of Ryukyu glass that feels the wind of the southern country

Ryukyu glass of overlapping pairs

This time, Pair glass of Ryukyu glass introduced the reason for popular gifts.
We introduced the points of the budget and how to choose, so please refer to the gift selection by all means.

Among the glass crafts, "Ryukyu glass" with unique attraction.
A unique foam that can be made of chopped adorable forms and production processes, and colorful colors with regenerated glass and coloring agents are the big attraction of Ryukyu glass.

There are also a wide variety of pair glasses, so it is recommended to gifts such as wedding celebrations.
How about choosing Ryukyu glass as a gift to give a close party?

You can see the product of Ryukyu Glass here.

Product list page with glass workshop
Ryukyu Glass Studio Glass32 Product List Page
Ryukyu Glass Master's Studio Product List Page

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