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May 20, 2020



  1. Come on.
  2. tatara making
  3. casting
  4. Finally.

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By the time you can bak, you will be able to put a few processes together to the shape and color you are imaged, and this time, I will introduce the form of the instrument. By the time the ceramics are completed, the shape will change from the previous stage, which is molded in the soil condition, and then shrinked and molded as it goes through processes such as drying, baking, ornamentation. The producers must be careful and provoked, and there are different ways to mold the baked goods. It is not just a round form that makes a square shape, but a technique that depends on the purpose, such as a handworking trail, a warmth, and a lot of uniform finishes with a small individual difference. It is fun to make pottery that even in similar shapes, when the production changes, the impression changes greatly.


• One of them, with skilled handiwork

When you think about pottery, you may think about how to form it, and you will put the soil in the center of the disk called the rotator, turn the rotator, and use the centrifugal force to make the soil with your hands. In addition to the automatic rotating electric power, there is a 'kicking' that kicks and turns with the feet. The kicking rolling is older than the electric rolling, and the technique used in the old days. This is more urgent than the electric power that turns at a certain speed, so you can make an incomplete and warm instrument that human hands can feel. Some writers are attracted to the scenery and are obsessed with using kicking. Primarily, rokuro is a molding method that allows circular things such as rice, and can be hand-made and shape-changed after molding, but it is not a way to make complex shaped instruments or angular columns, etc. It is a method of molding that requires technology so that it is called 'three years of soil' and 'ten years of rotating', so it is necessary to smold to make the same shape and size. But one by one, the bowl is uniquely individual, and the taste is attractive, so it is recommended to ask for a device with a hobby of handwork. Besides molding the soil, the rolling is sometimes used in the finishing stage or in the decoration after drying, and the rotating momentum produces a unique leap in the decoration.

| Tatara making

• What makes you feel like you're a fool?

A technique for making shapes using plate-shaped soil called tatara is called tatara. Tataras use elongated plates called tatara plates to slice and make clumps of soil thin and uniform thicknesses, but sometimes they are made by crushing the soil with sticky ones. When using a mold, press the mold with plaster and other molds. This method allows us to make instruments of different shapes, not just simple forms, and using the type allows us to efficiently pluralize the same form of instrument. When the stains are pressed into the shape, the surface is slightly rugged or the human hand is finished, and the individual difference is slightly different. Other things can bend or tattoo each other to make various forms such as boxes and cylinders, and this is also lovely for hand-worked distortions. Additionally, some works are made by combining tataras with the ornamental technique of "slipware". This is a patterned silk with muddy cosmetic soil called slip, then pressed and molded into the mold to create a design-rich baked object. Like Tatara, it has a charm that is not in mass production.

| casting

• A look that is less distorted and more clever

Castling is a technique of molding the soil into a plaster-made mold, and by molding it in a form, it is possible to make a lot of equipment that is almost the same shape with a higher accuracy than a rolling or a tatara. If you want to produce a finely decorated instrument, you can make a delicate pattern similar by using a type, even if you want to produce a finely decorated instrument. The advantages of the instrument being uniformly shaped are ease of use, and the lower distortion of the bottom of the instrument makes it easier to stack, and the instrument is tightly overlaid even if it is overlaid. There are also expressions that can only be used by casting, such as ellipses and squares, and other irregular forms that are difficult to make in tataras or in rolling form. In addition, sharp forms with perfection are attractive, and you can expect a work that shows individual medicine or decoration because it can be a perfect form without distortion. However, it is called a difficult forming technique if the production environment is not in place because special materials, tools and equipment are required to make gypsum or prepare mud sauce.

| Finally

• Whatever you want, you change.

Some molding techniques are introduced, and there are other techniques that are made by hand, such as 'wheeling' and 'wheeling'. Not only material, but also the moulding method changes the atmosphere of the work at all, and there is an expression that can only be made by each technique. In addition, the original forming technique is used to express the image that is aimed at by the writer or the former. How about you think about the process that you have been able to complete when you enjoy the instrument?

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