A thorough explanation of the decorative techniques of the color of yakimono

May 05, 2020


Table of Contents

  1. What is Etizing?
  2. slipware
  3. Flying plane
  4. Etymoida
  5. cortical whale
  6. chamfer
  7. Shinogi
  8. Finally.

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This time, I would like to introduce you to the "decoration" of pottery. The decorative technique name is also a part of the name of the utensils, which is largely related to the image of the vessel. The decorations done by hand work don't get the exact same thing, because the differences are made in one of the pieces. It's something that you want to take care of as your individuality. By knowing the decorative techniques used in the porcelain, I think more and more of them are more familiar and more enterable.

| Etizing

Drawing a picture on a porcelain is called Epico. Before the pottery is finished, it is done in a style called 'molding, ' ' baking, 'and' gruding with glaze, 'and' grilled. ' A 'Shimoe,' one of the paintings, is a grilled soaked clay at a low temperature before being put on a glaze before a glaze is put on the ground. Based on the glaze, there is a painting on the part of the process. On the other hand, 'kami-e' (picture) paints a picture on the ground after the grilled glaze, and then burnt it again to settle the paints. Some of the works are made by combining both a sketch and a sketch. Various types of patterns, colors, and materials are used in the area of yakimono depending on the production area and the obsession of the author.

a dyeing with a bare taste

The dyeing is often seen in a pottery, and is often made of porcelain. It is also known as a representative technique of shikae. After drawing a picture with a paint called "Airo no Kure" (Wuu Su), a transparent glaze was put on a grinding ground, and it was completed with a hon-yaki (grilled glaze). As a matter of fact, you can only use paint that can withstand the temperature of this burning, and it is usually painted in indigo colors, which are usually used for hot weather, which is usually used for high temperatures. The light shades of indigo in indigo and the lines drawn with delicate technology have a simple taste, and there are facial expressions like ink-wash paintings.

a colorful color painting

The color painting is a technique of fine painting. As a process, after grilling, you can paint it with a transparent glaze and paint it with a variety of colors, and then grill it at a low temperature. Pictures drawn on a flexible glaze can be enjoyed with the touch of a purposeful touch, glossy, or paint, and the color and texture changes. It is a technique that enables the use of paint in all colors to express a vivid atmosphere for the purpose of making a low temperature roast. The painted ones that are painted red on the white porcelain are called 'aka-e ' (red pictures), and they are often seen in Kuya-yaki (Kuya ware).

Inban with a variety of patterns attractive.

In addition to hand-drawn paints, there is also a technique to paint the same picture by transcribing it like a hand-made handsome. In the Meiji period, it was considered to mass produce the same hand-pattered pottery, and it is also called 'seinhote ' (seal-hand). In one hand, the bronze plate or the stone plate is transcribed with paint, and the charm is produced only in the earthenware and the scissile jerk and so on.
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| slipware

-It's fun to compute and accident.

A slipware is a method of drawing patterns, such as a plate, with a mud-like soil called "slip", which is used to add water to the soil. When the toilet is not dry, it can be flattened and moved, so that it can be rough and moistled. It is a slipware that was popular in the United Kingdom from the 17th century to the middle of the 19th century, but it is said to be a technique that Japanese potters began to use again after a long period of time.
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| flying plane

A pattern of organic, modern pattern.

A special tool called "plane" to build a pattern is called a "fly plane" using a pattern of "patterns". The blade of a plane is rotated with a rokuro, and the blade of a plane is used to fly the surface and cut it into a sequence of successive patterns. It is a simple pattern that can be enjoyed in contrast to color, and it is familiar to modern dining tables. It is often seen in 'Shokada-yaki' or ' Koishiharaki. '

| imprint

a trace of a thick and deep brush

The printing technique used for the printing of white makeup and so on with the brush on the ground is called the printing technique that was intentionally left behind by the printing of the brush. Like a plane of a plane, a rotor's printing is also called "Uchimotsume," with the printing of a brush with a brush, and the printing of the brush is also called "Uchimenome" (the hair pattern). Also, the method of coating freely without using a rokuro is also used. You can put various patterns on the size of the brush, the ability to apply the paint, and the materials.

| Ironi

a slurred color use

It is a glaze of dark color such as black and tea, in the mouth of the uvine, which is made of whitish glaze. The impressions of the instrument are tightly tightened. The name 'Ironi' is a name used to refer to the color of whale's skin, white and grey in the body of the mouth, and the color of gray in the body of a whale. There are differences in the color of the edges depending on the works, such as those with a uniform color, or a piece of cloth or a smithing that is made of a piece of cloth.

| chamfer

emit a device with a feeling of stereotype

It is a technique to make a flat surface by shaving the surface of the circular utensils vertically on the surface of the utensils. The chamfer is made to the round surface, and the body is created with a sense of stereonness. Depending on the design, the shades of the design are the most impressive work. The chamfer creates a variety of facial expressions such as boldly shaving the surface of the surface or side-by-side or diagonally out of the surface, or only a small portion of the face.

| Shinoagi

Simple and elegy.

Shinogi, which is one of the "chamfer" techniques, is a traditional Japanese decoration technique. In general, after the artwork is dried, the surface of the vessel is shaved vertically on the surface of the ridge, and the ridgeline pattern is inscribed with a concave convex. The innate pottery has a very modful impression, but it is familiar to both the Japanese and Western seas. Also, the atmosphere changes depending on the thickness and the pattern of patterns. Naturally, it is more than that of a natural catraly.

| last

The 'decoration' expression, which is far from it,

Ceramics have various decorative techniques, such as drawing pictures or patterns, cutting the surface of the surface, and making various decorative techniques. There is a sense of existence that is not made in a mass-produced device in a polite hand-work organ. Even with the same decorations, it is characterized by production areas and makers, and the expression and atmosphere of the artwork are completely different. Why don't you try to find out what kind of decorative techniques are used in the air that you're going to be concerned with?

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