I am pretty plumply! Visit trip "Okinawa" meeting やちむんの caliber

June 24, 2020


Table of contents

  1. やちむんと wants to come
  2. Yomitan-son とやちむんの village
  3. "Tsuboya Street" in the town of the ceramic ware
  4. Finally

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I say ceramic ware in やちむんとは, a dialect of Okinawa.
In one of the folkcrafts of Okinawa, it is got close as a Shisa protecting a house of Okinawa other than the ceramics of the day laborer trainer.
なやちむん impressive chubby form, a carefree vivid pattern.
I hark back to lasting tolerant, rich climate of Okinawa.
In late years it becomes popular among souvenirs and is popular with women in particular.
I introduce the highlight of various Okinawa full of the やちむんの charm this time.

| やちむんと wants to come

・Visiting やちむん "Tsuboya Street" "Yomitan-son"

I cannot take off pot shop street and Yomitan-son if I watch たくさんのやちむんを.
Both are the places that affected やちむんの development deeply, and there are many stores of a pottery and the ceramics.
And the place where I can feel nature and culture of Okinawa with skin.
In spite of being やちむんを view, enjoy the walk by all means.

・Way from base "according to of the Okinawa sightseeing international"

The international street is the place that is known as main street of Naha-shi, Okinawa.
The pot shop やちむん street is close from here.
I arrive as about 10-minute walk.
I recommend a map while dropping in on one hand.

International street map

Pot shop street map

The access to Yomitan-son is approximately one hour by car from the Naha city with the international street.
Because there are some ways including the route to use the general road and toll road for, let the schedule of the trip be correct.
If go by bus; approximately approximately two hours.
I am reliable when I check it beforehand because there are some usable route and nearest bus stops.

| Yomitan-son とやちむんの village

・It is 息 づくやちむん in nature of Okinawa

Yomitan-son of the Okinawa Island central part Western.
The ground where nature and a tradition of beautiful Okinawa breathe here.
In Yomitan-son, the pots which stored Awamori from about 1600 were made.
And there is "やちむんの village" in the place called Zakimi of Yomitan-son, and やちむんが is born by the hand of potters every day.
It was a chance big that late Jiro Kinjo of the living national treasure moved a kiln to Yomitan-son from Tsuboya, Naha-shi in 1974, and the やちむんの village was born.
A lot of places holding a store next to each kiln can purchase place でやちむんを.
The ceramics cities seem to be opened several times in a year, too.

・Charm of the ascending kiln

Kind of the kiln which a burning room is made for with the ascending kiln like stairs using a slope.
I do structure climbing and right burn firewood from under battle front.
Because fire breaks out steadily towards the upper part, a color or the feel of a material of the work change in a near part and a far-off part from the place that lighted fire.
In a texture to let you feel warmth and strength of nature as for containers baked by the kiln that craftsmen continued lighting fire by turns regardless of the night and day for four days.

・It is a lunch in a cafe, sea blue of 陶眞窯!

The pottery where 陶眞窯 is performed Yomitan-son でやちむんを making earthenware of.
I continue always bringing about new things while making glaze with a traditional method, and valuing a technique peculiar to a pottery.
As for 陶眞窯, the gallery sea blue is run in a pot shop やちむん street of Naha-shi.
I display やちむんの work here and sell it and can enjoy a meal with a cafe ではやちむんの device of the juxtaposition!
A pizza and a drink, the dessert which I baked in a Shisa stone kiln.
A feeling seems to become lively still more when I have you serve やちむんに.
The terrace seat which can watch scenery full of the green is wonderful.
On the live stage of the roof, I hold the events such as Okinawa folk song or the jazz once a month.

・陶眞窯 でやちむんに challenge

In 陶眞窯, an experience made with やちむん is possible.
I can experience the やちむんで making of soil to use except that I make a Shisa, a container with hand びねりや potter's wheel!
Because I have you tell me from a craftsman, the first one is reliable.

To confirm it beforehand because it is different each in the time required, and to reserve is recommendation.
The use privilege is located within one made a ceramic art experience.
It challenges the often found ceramics always looks, and to enjoy, and how about watching it.

| "Tsuboya Street" in the town of the ceramic ware

・I walk the Tsuboya Street

Pot shop ware is the material called the pot shop, and is born, and develop more now; けているやちむん sequel to.
When Okinawa was still called Ryukyu in 1682, as for the opening, it is an opportunity to have gathered porcelain kilns scattered in each place in the pot shop of Naha.
"The pot shop street" the stone pavement where Ryukyu limestone was used for is refreshing is in the pot house and estate ward.
In street and the back alley, やちむんの studio and a gallery, a cafe link the eaves, and is heated just to walk; is heated.
In addition, there are pot shop ceramic ware Museum or the classic precious kiln and can touch the やちむんの history.
The scenery to leave features of traditional Okinawa such as stone wall and building of the red cement tile, ウガンジュ (拝所) for can taste the feeling that is somewhere nostalgia while making a tour of やちむん.

・I peep at work of 育陶園

育陶園 which I am particular about the subject matter to come from Okinawa, and continues making ceramic ware during 300 years.
It is the potter who ran pot shop ware from generation to generation.
A method called "the line engraving technique" that a high technique is required is performed 用 いてやちむんを making earthenware of here.
In 育陶園, I can observe the state made with a container.
Two of the free visit that the method of the visit to studio looks in the guide tour and studio with it around a pot shop and the studio a little bit for approximately ten minutes.
There are really none very much at an opportunity to see work and a studio of a ceramist.
I look at the spot of the manufacturing with eyes, and charm of the ceramic ware should be felt more by feeling it with skin.

・I experience ceramic art in 育陶園

たくさんのやちむんに is impressed to watch a studio and.
A feeling to want to experience the making of やちむん a little may come out.
In the studio of 育陶園, I can perform the ceramic art experience using the hand びねりや potter's wheel.
Because I am limited at the number of people and time, I recommend that I confirm reservation methods beforehand.
When if is dated a picture, for one hour, is a potter's wheel experience; approximately 30 minutes.
With the opportunity when own work which I made by hand remembers time in Okinawa whenever I look.

| Finally

・やちむんのもつ appearance

The ceramic ware which has been brought up among やちむんは, nature and people of Okinawa.
I seem to tell splendor of Okinawa to us quietly.
Through visiting やちむん, it seems to be felt some other time that life is recorded on a container of one one.

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