【New arrival information】Hasami ware "Tanin kiln" crystal carving series has arrived

March 30, 2021

Founded in 1980, Tan mind kiln is a pottery of Hasami ware.
"Crystal carving" is a unique manufacturing method of Tan mind kiln that creates a crystal-like shine and transparency by drilling a hole in the fabric of high-quality white porcelain from Amakusa, and baking clay that can be said to be secret there. It is a time-consuming pottery that carves holes by hand, manually fills clay one by one, and bakes twice at a high temperature of 1,300 degrees.
While inheriting the style and techniques of kilns that have lasted for 30 years, we are working on pottery making every day with the feeling that we want to create a new "crystal carving" that suits the life style of the modern era.

Hasami-yaki Tankoshin Kiln Crystal Carving