[WEB Self-Exhibition Information] Writer Miyagi British 3/27 (Sat) Held from noon

March 25, 2021

Writer Miyakoi


【Web Sequence Season】

2021/3/27 (Saturday) Non noon from 12:00 to 4/23 (Fri)

[Introduction of making hand]
A writer "Miyako" who has a workshop in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, "Miyakoi Miyoshi" is made by the technique of casting using a mold.
Although it is a technique that is often done in the division of work when mass-produced, it is pursued new expressions and possibilities by performing all strokes in their own workshop.
In particular, a deep indigo like denim fabric and a sunny sky bright Nile blue work attracts many fans.

2003 Worked at Tsubaki City Ceramic
2004 Opening in Tajimi City
2005 International Ceramic Festival Montin Enlors
2008 New York Museum of Museum Moma SHOP
Participate in a solo exhibition, a group exhibition