【Web pottery exhibition information】 "Furuya seitosho" 10/10 (sat) from 12 pm

October 08, 2020

【WEB ceramic exhibition date and time】
- Exhibition period: 10/10 (Sat) lunch 12 o'clock ~ 11/9 (Mon)
- Instagram collaboration Live delivery: 10/17 (Sat)13 o'clock scheduled

【Introduction to the maker】
"Furuya seitosho" has a workshop in Shigaraki.By hanging white mud on the iron-rich red clay that was originally blended, and baking it 2 times at low temperature, a soft powdery vessel is born.The"White" of the powder is simple and warm "white".Any dish is wrapped gently,and the compatibility with other vessels is outstanding.We believe that simple and easy-to-use tableware will surely enrich your life with the theme of"snuggling with life".