[WEB Ceramics Exhibition Information] Phantom pottery "Usuki-yaki" 9/12 (Sat) from 12:00 noon

September 10, 2020

[Date and time of the WEB ceramic exhibition]
・ Sales start: September 12th (Sat) 12: 00 ~
・ Instagram live distribution: Scheduled for 13:00 on Saturday, September 19

[Introduction of creators]
Usuki-yaki is a phantom pottery that was started as a kiln for the Usuki domain in the late Edo period about 200 years ago, and has once disappeared. The USUKIYAKI Research Institute is continuing efforts to make a modern version of Usuki-yaki based on the few remaining materials in order to revive Usuki-yaki again.

Based on the idea that "vessels are the frame of food", the natural shapes and vessels made by extracting natural ingredients in this place are ingredients from the rich sea and mountains of Usuki, organic agricultural products, and ancient times. Beautifully complement the traditional food culture backed by brewed products such as prosperous miso, soy sauce, and sake, convey that culture, and deliver vessels with the nature and design of this area to other places. It is aimed at adding color to the dining table.