Kokushoku Kobo

 Koke-colored Kobo Writers Tanaka: Ryoma

[The session of the Web Exhibition]
2021/4/24 (clay) 12:00 to 5/21 (Gold) noon

[inventor introduction]
Tanaka, the author of the moss-colored workshop in Tokyo, was made in the Tokyo city of Liahiro.
After drawing a single polite, the color makeup of the white part is cut to 0.2mm, and it is made with a special technique that expresses the pattern of animals and grasslands with the color of the grazing.
It's just a little bit changed.But it's simple.An easy-to-use one.It was a regular meal such as a westernlike meal.
It's made of pottery and pottery.

1984: Born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture.
2004: Ceramic was started at Rikkyo University.
2008: Participating in exhibitions, planned exhibitions, and craft fair, etc. were started.
2010: The kiln was built in Nishi-Ochiai, Tokyo.
In 2013, he moved to Kamikeibukuro in Tokyo.I'll start a small shop with a workshop.
Since then, the exhibition and the group exhibition have been held in various places.