Writer west Takayuki

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Ceramic art writer west Takayuki (I did it itchy)
The young ceramist who I be superior to a sense to draw good material, and has a good reputation for color expression. Other than the SHIZUKU series, it is powder pull and fine striped pattern, 型打 ちなどがある. I create few original containers elsewhere all, and the Arita ware making of a new genre is investigated. It was born in Fukuoka for 1,984 years. A Fukuoka University department of engineering architecture subject is a graduate for 2,008 years. I enter the course ceramics department specialized in Arida ceramics college in 2009. I set up the studio in Nanzan, Arita-cho in 2016.

[on the WEB private exhibition date]
The midday of Saturday, August 1, 2020 12:00 - end of August