Privacy Policy


Eight joint company colors (called "us" as follows.) Based on a privacy policy, I established を about "the handling of the personal information in the website" as follows to think は, protection of the personal information to be a social duty, and to perform management, the administration of the website that a visitor could use in peace.

Coverage of the handling of the personal information

When the purchase of the product, the communication to us, the subscription of the e-mail magazine were used through our site, about the handling of the personal information, a visitor is indicated. The personal information that visitors were collected when our site is used is managed according to a way of thinking about the handling of this personal information.

Use purpose of the personal information

We may use the personal information that they collected from a visitor, order information (including the information about the order from visitor history) for a purpose to establish in following 各号 other than a purpose to provide this service. Other than the offer of this service or a purpose to determine below, we cannot use the personal information of the visitor.
(1) When, for a visitor, I introduce our product and service
(2) When I act to a visitor and, in us, perform an order procedure, the confirmation of order contents, a change procedure
(3) When I reply it for the inquiry from a visitor
(4) For a visitor, to ask for the offer of the opinion for our service and the impression
(5) Because we use the consent for the purpose that they had after communication to a visitor individually separately
(6) To make a statistical document classified every attribute (age, address) of the visitor
(7) To offer information dispatch and the service that adapted to taste of the each visitor, and to display it

About safety management of the personal information

We are rational for access control to personal information, a limit of the carrying out means, injustice access and a leak, loss, destruction, the manipulation to secure accuracy of the personal information and safety; take safety measures, and take the appropriate measures including recurrence preventive measures immediately by any chance when the accidents about the personal information such as leaks occur.

About deposition of the personal information

We may deposit duties for the achievement of the use purpose that they stated clearly as far as they are necessary. In that case, I perform the appropriate management of the duties trust point and supervision. (in the collection bond-issuing companies when, with the duties trust point, a mover, a print company for shipment, the product price for direct mail are unpaid.)

Disclosure to a third party of the personal information

We personal information without the permission of the person to the third parties such as other companies or individuals there cannot be an offer and the thing showing it. But it is not the limit in any of the following.
(1) When there is the agreement of the person about reporting
(2) When disclosure is demanded from the public institutions such as government offices based on laws and ordinances
(3) When I disclose personal information for duties business partner about the administration of this site. But the information in this case to disclose limits it to only a necessary range and obliges it to management of the personal information by contracts for disclosure.
(4) When we and our group businesses merge, and succession of the business is carried out by spin-off, business transfer or other reasons

About a cookie

The cookie is one data saved to the hard drive of the visitor including the information about the visitor. The use of the cookie is never linked to personal specific information on our site. When a visitor refuses a cookie, I can use our site. Our site uses a cookie with a product details page, a shopping cart. When I refuse a cookie, a shopping cart does not operate. Our store cannot use a cookie in an unnecessary intelligence purpose. When you buy it in a cart form (not only our store), I recommend that the cookie setting of the browser is validated. When you buy it in a cart form because you cannot use a cookie in a purpose except the indication of a cart, your purchase history, please validate the cookie setting of the browser. There is a page using this cookie that trouble of the personal information input omit it when collection and a visitor of the access log to make use for improvement of the user booby tea of the site visited the site again in our site and has you use it still more usefully.

Confirmation matter about the privacy in other Internet

(1) When anyone including the bulletin board discloses personal information on the Internet that I can access voluntarily, please note that the information is collected by other users and may be used. Based on information posted there, I may receive an undesirable message if I show an e-mail address. It is necessary to have you recognize that you send information to a visitor in responsibility of the self.
(2) The site of the third party who can access it through our website and the company collecting personal information through service or a prize or a sales campaign establish a collection of agreement and data agreement about the privacy of the individual independent of us. For an agreement and the activity of the third party that these became independent in us any duty do not take responsibility.

A change of the handling of the personal information and notice

We may change the contents about the handling of this personal information without a prior notice by the need in our business, the enforcement of new laws and ordinances, the revision or other circumstances of existing laws and ordinances. When I change it, I post it on this website and inform it. In the case of the use, please confirm the latest contents of this page.