Tsugaru Idoro NEBUTA Nbuta sakazuki



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[Product introduction]

It is a sakazuki that represents the 'Nebuta-matsuri Festival,' a summer balloon poem in Aomori.Every time I use it, I feel happy.

"Tsugarudoo" starts with a 1,500-degree burrd-hot world in a crucibles.The glass, which is rewound on the blowed rod, is done by the craftsmanship of the craftsman in the Tsugaru, and the technique of making handcrafts, and a soft shape.The color of the four seasons in Japan is attached to the color of the four seasons, and the color is combined with various colors, and it is called 'Tsugama ihiro, ' which shows infinite facial expressions like the one in which the scene is moved to the next.like the delightful Tsugarubi in a lovely meal or at the hour of the relaxable time.

Size: 1 cup: 74 mm high 47mm x 85ml capacity

Material: glass

■ Responsible

Oven ×
E-Range x
Eat washing machine.

[inventor introduction]

The North Sea Glass is a hand-held glass workshop with long history in Aomori Prefecture.It is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Aomori, followed by the seven-rivered beach, which is followed by a beautiful sandy beach.One day, when a craftsman added a handful of sand to a handful of Shichiri Nagahama, the glass changed the color to a deep green color that could not be said.Their warm shades are loved in various parts of Japan and around the world.

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