Tsugaru Biidoro HANABI Hanabi Gold Color Tumbler



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【Product Introduction】

A tumbler of the Tsugaru Biidoro HANABI series, which scatters a variety of color grains with the main character of the street and orange that seems to be fireworks, and cuts out the moment of fireworks that color the night sky. Gold leaf is displayed in the mouth to remind you of the gorgeousness of the fireworks.

"Tsugaru Biidoro" begins with a 1,500-degree scorching world that melts in bright red in a crucible. The glass wound with a blow rod is finished one by one in a soft shape unique to handmade by the skillful techniques and techniques of Tsugaru craftsmen. Sticking to the colors of the four seasons unique to Japan, by combining various colors, "Tsugaru Biidoro" shows infinite expression like a changing scene. I hope that tsugaru biidoro, full of colorful charm, gently snuggles up to a pleasant meal or a relaxing time.

Size: Mouth 92 x Height 115mm x Capacity 305ml

Material: Glass

Whether or not it can be dealt with

Oven ×
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[Introduction of the creator]

Hokuyo Glass, which makes Tsugaru Biidoro, is a hand-made glass workshop with a long history in Aomori Prefecture. Nanasato Nagahama is home to beautiful sandy beaches and lush nature on the coast of Aomori. One time, a craftsman came up with the idea of adding a handful of sand from Nanasato Nagahama as a raw material, and the glass changed color to a deep green that was not said. Its warm colors are loved all over Japan and all over the world.


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Please refrain from the purchase of the person who does not think of the individual difference of Utsuwa as individuality and the expression.

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