Tsugaru Bedro Sakura Sakura Sakura Dish



【Product Introduction】
The "Sakura Sakura" series reflects the beautiful scene of cherry blossom petals dancing with light.
One of the colors of Japan, the color of cherry blossoms blooming in celebration of the arrival of spring. For a long time, people watched from the time when the cherry blossoms were buds, and they were looking forward to blooming, and it was a special existence that felt the taste while regretting the falling scene. I think that the feeling of the cherry tree which thinks about the cherry tree does not change even now by the cherry tree of the memories in the mind of a lot of people, and a lot of cherry blossoms which spread in various places. Please enjoy the "Sakura Sakura" series of "Tsugaru Bedoro" on top of the scenes with cherry blossoms of each person.

■Size: Approx. diameter 185× height 16mm
■Material: Glass
Oven ×
Microwave oven×

[Introduction of the makeer]
Hokuyo Glass, which makes Tsugaru Vidro, is a hand-made glass workshop with a long history in Aomori Prefecture. Shichiri Nagahama is a beach with many beaches in Aomori, where beautiful sandy beaches and lush nature continue. One day, a craftsman suddenly came up with it and added a handful of sand from Shichiri Nagahama as a raw material, and the glass changed color to green with an insanity that could not be said. Its warm color is loved all over Japan and all over the world.

The product image and the product to be delivered are not exactly the same.
Because all the udwa are handmade, the size, shape, color, pattern, and taste are different one by one. Please refrain from purchasing those who can not catch individual differences as individuality and facial expressions of depression.

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