Tsugaru Bidero Four Seasons Cup



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【Product introduction】

The changing colors of Japanese nature are confined to four cups (Hanami-shu, Ryomi-shu, Tsukimi-shu, and Yukimi-shu). You can use it according to the season, or you can set the table brightly with the set. It comes in a wooden box and can be used as a decorative box by standing it up, making it a perfect gift.

"Tsugaru Bidero" starts from the burning world of 1500 degrees melted in the red inside the crucible. The glass wound with a blowing rod is finished one by one into a soft shape that can only be handmade by the skillful techniques and techniques of Tsugaru craftsmen. The "Tsugaru Bidoro" shows the infinite look of a moving scene by sticking to the colors of the four seasons unique to Japan and combining various colors. Let's enjoy the colorful "Tsugaru Bidero" at a pleasant meal or a relaxing time.

■Size: Mouth up to 74 x High up to 51 mm x Capacity up to 85 ml

Material: glass

■ Support availability

Oven ×
Microwave oven ×
Dishwasher x

[Introduction of the creator]

Hokuyo Glass, which makes Tsugaru Bidoro, is a handmade glass workshop with a long history in Aomori Prefecture. Among the many coasts in Aomori, Shichiri Nagahama is a beach with outstandingly beautiful sandy beaches and lush nature. One day, a craftsman suddenly came up with the idea and added a handful of sand from Shichiri Nagahama as a raw material, and the glass changed its color to a deep green that could not be said. Its warm colors are loved all over Japan and around the world.

【important point】

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Please refrain from purchasing if you cannot understand the individual differences of the container as individuality and facial expression.

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