Yachimun pottery Makoto kiln-free Cup white I was just

やちむん 陶眞窯


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[product introduction]

beautiful us of the scrollwork on the eye to be attracted to the Cup. Palm just well fit in. Versatile free Cup is the drink chosen not useful.

■ Size: diameter of about 8. 5cm x Height about 9. 5 cm


■corresponding to the advisability

【make introduction]

in Okinawa, one of the most yachimun workshop"Tsuboya Yaki pottery Makoto kiln".
Pottery Makoto kiln,Soma Masakazu is Tsuboya Ware in the growing pottery the garden to practice after the kiln the main as Onna-son, Okinawa, Japan 名嘉真 to build the kiln.
Showa 53 in Yomitan zakimi transferred to the kiln, leading to the present.

Okinawa soil made from into the soil of Okinawa, typical glaze“show room”and many other glaze handcrafted,Tsuboya Ware traditions.
Among them, the pottery Makoto kiln unique akae and underglaze blue, the fish crest,check, such as"always new"the motto of the new works we've been making.
Furthermore, Awamori(sake brewery)for 酒壺 making season, and Ryukyu Nanban(rough burn)and analyze a wide range yachimun made to work.


product images and product are all the same is not available.
Just about all hand-made, the size, shape, color, pattern, texture, etc 1 point 1 point different.
Penetration(entering the surface pattern such as the human videos), pinhole(small hole), iron powder(iron is burned by oxidation as black dots, and state),of the glaze is such as of individual difference and personality, and facial expression, as to regard only those who do not purchase please refrain.

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