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yoshida pottery


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It is a free cup with rounded round by colon.
In the form with a sense of stability, each surface is cut with a Canna and a convex look is made. The technique is called Shao. Therefore, it has a little thickness than the usual cup.

The glaze is matte texture white and black.

The vessel of the drawpottery is darker white and black simple two color expansion.

White white: Nurturing color to penetrate and enjoy loving to grow love.
Adults Black: the attraction of attracting the black, the black of the adult who tightened.

Size: about 8.5 cm x height

Material: Ceramic

Oven x
Microwave range
Dishwasher washing machine

Creator introduction

Showa pottery

It is made in the studio of Ashiya and former miyatsuka town house.The works produced by guidpottery are "ukiki uprosshiki". The first impression is pursued by beauty. It is important to create a "nourishing utsuwa" that creates a variety of facial expressions by means of a hand. I want to support from the space making to the table of the family unity through the knives.


The product image and the goods you deliver are not exactly the same.
The size, shape, color, pattern, and texture are all 1 point.
Please refrain from purchasing the person who is not able to catch the individual difference such as the intrusion (such as the pattern which enters the surface), pinhole (small hole), iron powder (oxidized and black point by burning iron) and the difference of the individual such as the unevenness of the glaze.

We do not accept cancellation, return goods or replacement due to your convenience.