yoshida pottery bowl lover white

yoshida pottery


[product introduction]

A pretty bowl of the roundness that I did around.
In spite of being the size that it is easy to use as a small bowl, it is the hue that colorful ingredients including the fruit shine in.
White and black of the feel of a material that the glaze-like is mat.

Two colors of development that the caliber of yoshida pottery tosses it, and white and the black are simple.

・Lover white: White to bring up that a color is stained with crackle and enjoys that I enjoy it to bring up love.
・Adult black: The black of drill re-と tight adult featuring that I patronize a thing to snuggle up to.

■Size: Approximately 13.5cm in diameter X 6cm in height

■Material: Ceramics

■The correspondence right or wrong
Oven X
Microwave oven○
Washing-up washing machine○

[builder introduction]

yoshida pottery ceramist Masakazu Yoshida

It is made making earthenware in the studio of Ashiya, the former Miyatsukacho house.The work which yoshida pottery produces "is depression comb device-utsukushiki-"." Beauty of the first impression is investigated. With a sense of beauty cultivated in a historical pottery as form, the making of "container" brought up producing various expressions is valued by a master. It is performed making earthenware in such thought that wants to support the dining table of pleasures of a happy home by the making of space through the ceramic ware.

[matters that require attention]

It is identical, and there are not a product image and the product to send.
Because all the containers are handmade, size, form, a color, a design, the texture vary in one point of one point.
Please refrain from crackle (the crack that is likely to enter the surface), a pinhole (small hole), iron powder (the state that you were oxidized by iron content being baked, and became the sunspot), the purchase of the glaze which cannot capture the individual difference such as irregularities as the personality of the container, an expression of the containers.

I do not accept cancellation, returned goods, the exchange by the circumstances of the visitor.