yoshida pottery to laminate wood veneer and plastic laminate to a dish lover white

yoshida pottery


[product introduction]

Tata round molding to laminate wood veneer and plastic laminate to a type of dish.
Japan classic pattern laminate wood veneer and plastic laminate pattern(snowflake design)to the equipment represented. The winter pattern is in the summer, unstylish feel can.

Glaze is a matte texture of the White and black.

yoshida pottery vessel is a white and black simple 2 color deployment.

・Sweetheart white:craze color dyeing and foster a love love like this and to enjoy,to grow white.
・Adult black:snuggle ones have that charm,with tight adult black.

■ Size: about 20mm in diameter. 5cm x Height about 4. 3 cm


■corresponding to whether the
oven X

【make introduction]

yoshida pottery Potters Yoshida Masataka sum

Ashiya・old 塚町 housing the Studio of the ceramics used.yoshida pottery produces works,"beautiful sink-utsukushiki-". First impression of beauty to pursue it. Historic pottery in a cultivated aesthetic sense to shape it by hand the various expressions produced,"grow out”made to has been treasured. And through of space, approached from 一家団欒 of the table support,I think he will.


product images and product are all the same is not available.
Just about all hand-made, the size, shape, color, pattern, texture, etc 1 point 1 point different.
Penetration(entering the surface pattern such as the human videos), pinhole(small hole), iron powder(iron is burned by oxidation as black dots, and state),of the glaze is such as of individual difference and personality, and facial expression, as to regard only those who do not purchase please refrain.

By the circumstances of the customer cancellation・returns and exchanges are not accepted.