Local business 小兵 ceramics workshop and no pottery eggplant Navy blue coffee Cup&saucer

美濃焼 カネコ小兵製陶所


[product introduction]

"and not"Edo period, from the Meiji to early for a glass means that foreign words can. Glass-like transparent texture, and lacquer reminiscent of the deep texture"and"representation"and not pottery"and named. Glass and people Shine, and the food was cooking, it looks amazing.
"Eggplant Navy blue"is a traditional Japanese Indigo dye of color and representation of,a deep Indigo blue with a chrysanthemum-shaped white line with one glass reminds you.

The"eggplant Navy blue"is a super famous brand of Paris, the head office is also decorated with the Palace of Versailles, the Banquet is used almost all over the world, from VIP attention.

■Size:bowl width 115 x diameter 85 x height 60(mm) 210cc, dish diameter 145 x height 25

■material: porcelain

■corresponding to whether the

oven X

【make introduction]

money, the 小兵 ceramics laboratories,Taisho 10 years since its inception,Mino-Yaki history and tradition while cherishing,and through the one to"small" If you don't have to deliver"craftsmanship"as you can. It is a very warm there,living together, and the rich will make you feel like a"小兵"of the equipment many people used to have. Mind,new and more challenging school.


product images and product are all the same is not available.
All hand-made, the size, shape, color, pattern, texture, etc 1 point 1 point different.
The individual difference of personalities and facial expressions as customers who do not purchase please refrain.

By the circumstances of the customer cancellation・returns and exchanges are not accepted.