Kaneko Shohei Seito Seito Seito Sue no Rinka 28 Oval Bowl

美濃焼 カネコ小兵製陶所


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[Product introduction]

It is a porcelain that has a taste of a piece of earthenware, a taste of a piece of porcelain, and a slipper, and it is easy to adjust to the sea and to the sea, and to the sea, the way the dish is seen.You can also use it in a flush or a warm microwave oven.This "Linka" is a series of many lovers, such as entertainers and delis tag lammers.

Size: 280 × 190 x 50 (mm)

Materials: Porcelain

■ Responsible

Oven ×
E-Range ○
Eutabi washing machine O

[inventor introduction]

Kaneko Shohei Seito has cherted the history and tradition of Mino ware since it was founded in 1921, and has been making the 'small' in the mustard and 'making things' in order to bring about 'small' and 'happy' in the way of the kurashi. I want people to use a "small soldier" machine that makes you feel so rich when you live with a lot of warmth and warm lives.I'm trying to create a new one with such a thought.

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