Writer Kajin Butterfly and chrysanthemum incense

作家 香仁(小菅仁子)


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[Product introduction]】

Vivid and bright and gorgeous incense of chrysanthemums and butterflies(Kogo)
Kogo is a small container with a lid that houses incense.It is a kind of tea utensils, and also a kind of Buddhist altar fittings.Although it is incense, it would be nice if you could use it as an accessory to put the important jewelry, and also a little sweets.

It is a wonderful painting that was done by hand-painted one by one is a masterpiece.It has a different design on the whole surface, and you can enjoy various expressions from anywhere you see it.The gold-colored paint made of pure gold is glossy and gorgeous.It is a gem that is captivated by the delicate painting that is too beautiful, and can be seen forever.

Please refrain from using microwave oven and dishwasher because it is decorated with gold in pure gold.
It comes with a cosmetic box.

■Size: about diameter 8cm×height 6cm

■ Material: porcelain

■ Availability

Oven x
Microwave oven
Dishwasher safe

[Introduction of the creator】

Ms. Satoko Kosuge, a ceramic artist with a focus on Arita-Yaki pottery
By fusing the Western-style modern elements with the traditional Arita ware of Japan, it has produced hand-painted vessels that have been carefully colored one by one.
The artwork, which is decorated with gold, is made of pure gold, and you can enjoy a wonderful time in one vessel in the world.

■ Awards
Received numerous awards, such as the Toso-gaisha Grand Prize exhibition, the JPAC Gold Award, and Tokyo art crafts


Product images and products to deliver is not exactly the same.
Because it is all handmade, size, shape, color, pattern, texture, etc., are different 1 point 1 point.
Please refrain from purchasing if you do not perceive the individual difference of the socket as a personality or expression.

We do not accept cancellation, return or exchange due to customer's convenience.