Cup & saucer of Okinawan Butterfly

作家 香仁(小菅仁子)


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[Product introduction]

A butterfly with Arita ware and a cup of cup and a sosa in the chrysanza.
and it was a splendid, delicate, and beautiful painting.
The Japanese traditional crafts Arita ware and Western style modern elements are fused together, and they are carefully colored and painted in a single hand.
Please refrain from using a microwave oven or a flush machine, as it is pure gold.
I have a makeup box.

Size: Approx. 8 cm x Sosa, 14.6 cm in diameter

Materials: Porcelain

■ Responsible

Oven ×
E-Range x
Eat washing machine.

[inventor introduction]

"Kajin" (Satoko Kosuge), a pottery artist with a pottery made of pottery in Arita yakaijo (the pottery of Arita)
Arata ware of traditional Japanese crafts Arita ware and Western style modern elements are fused together to produce a hand-drawn pottery that is polished in one.
All the works with gold are pure gold, and have a nice moment in one of the world's instruments.

Awards winning awards
He received numerous awards, including the Exhibition of Ceramics, the JPAC gold prize, and the Tokyo Arts and Crafts.

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