Gourd kiln laurier dark blue 15cm plate

美濃焼 ふくべ窯


items left 残り僅か

[product introduction]
Because the design of the leaf which I drew on the rim looks like the crown of the laurel, it becomes the name called the laurier. I patronize the dish which the dark-blue of the rim served. I think that it is available to various dishes.

■Size: 148mm in diameter X height 22㎜
■Material: 炻器
■The correspondence right or wrong
Oven X
Microwave oven○
Washing-up washing machine○

[builder introduction]
"The gourd kiln" which a grilled dish called 精炻器 (せいせっき) is made for in couples in Toki-shi, Gifu.
精炻器 is が characteristic-like ceramic ware with three-dimensional, minute picture with the makeup soil.
The container which has some foreign atmosphere while being a Japanese thing. I miss you slightly and am happy if you can feel charm of warm 精炻器 towards most.

[matters that require attention]
It is identical, and there are not a product image and the product to send.
Because all the containers are handmade, size, form, a color, a design, the texture vary in one point of one point.
Please refrain from crackle (the crack that is likely to enter the surface), a pinhole (small hole), iron powder (the state that you were oxidized by iron content being baked, and became the sunspot), the purchase of the glaze which cannot capture the individual difference such as irregularities as the personality of the container, an expression of the containers.

I do not accept cancellation, returned goods, the exchange by the circumstances of the visitor.