Glass artist Mayuko Takeda bowl "Nijimitsu"

ガラス作家 竹田舞由子


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【Product introduction】
A rainbow of gradation hangs in the transparent transparent glass, and it is a wonderful work as if you found a real rainbow.

■ Size: Approximately 15 x 7 cm in height
■ Material: Glass
■ Availability
Oven x
Microwave oven ×
Dishwasher ×

* The glass is distorted due to the color, and the shape seen from above is not a perfect circle but a little ellipse. Please understand beforehand that the one-point and one-point shapes are slightly different.

[Introduction of creators]
"Mayuko Takeda" is a glass artist who is inspired by nature and is looking for something exciting.
We are aiming for a work that will heal you so that you can feel the light and colors of everyday life closer to you through your work, and it will be a moment of brightening your heart.

【important point】
The product image and the delivered product are not exactly the same.
Since all the containers are handmade, the size, shape, color, pattern, texture, etc. are different one by one. Please refrain from purchasing those who cannot grasp individual differences as the individuality of the container and the facial expression of the container.

We do not accept cancellations, returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience.