Glass writer Mai Takeda Yuko plate "にじのおさら"

ガラス作家 竹田舞由子


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[product introduction]
The wonderful work which is when a rainbow of the gradation appeared in glass of transparent transparence and found a totally genuine rainbow.

■Size: About diameter 16* high 1.5cm
■Material: Glass
■The correspondence right or wrong
Oven X
Microwave oven X
Washing-up washing machine X

※Glass is warped concerning a color, and form judging from the top is not an original circle, and it becomes an oval to some extent. Because one point of one point form is a little different, it, please be understood beforehand.

[builder introduction]
Glass writer "Mai Takeda Yuko" さん to produce it while I receive inspiration from nature, and a heart looks for a jumping thing.
The healed work which I feel light and a color in the daily life through a work closer, and becomes at the moment when a heart becomes bright is aimed at.

[matters that require attention]
It is identical, and there are not a product image and the product to send.
Because all the containers are handmade, size, form, a color, a design, the texture vary in one point of one point. Please refrain from the purchase of the one that cannot capture individual difference as the personality of the container, an expression of the containers.

I do not accept cancellation, returned goods, the exchange by the circumstances of the visitor.