Author Kihoko OHO, Daruma doll, Kanebashi

作家 大場紀穂子


[Product introduction]
Put Kanebashi (chopsticks with soyDepending on the work, the material is different from that of earthenware or semi-porcelain.This is a pottery.Hitotsumi-hitotsu-shinai-shiny-sato-dishes:As the picture is abundant, the table is crowded and the conversation is bustling with the difference between the family and the picture.It is a dish of tossed with a smile on the days of the hare that I normally use.

Size: 8.5cm in diameter, 1.8cm tall
Materials: Pottery
■ Responsible
Oven ×
The dishwasher, the washing machine,

[inventor introduction]
We aim to build such a kind of utensils that we have discovered every time we continue to enjoy the passion of molds and paints, and to be able to enjoy every day of our lives.
Enjoy the world of the paintting world where you can take your hand and draw the warm warmth of soil and draw a brush.

March 2001: Graduation of the Imari Training School, Loplo Department.
April 2001: The Saga Prefectural Arita Ceramics Department Entrance of the College of Ceremonized School
March 2002: Graduates of Saga Prefectural Arita Ceramics College Ekyu-kogyo
April 2002: Working for a ceramic art class.
2002: The kiln was built at home.
Office of Ceramics: Ekoda Pottery

[Caution Points]
Products and products delivered with product images are not exactly the same.
The size, shape, color, pattern, and the air pattern are all different from each other in order to make all the hands.
Please refrain from buying penetration (such as the patterns on the surface), pinholes (small holes), iron powder (which is oxidized by the baking of iron), and the individual personality of the glaze, such as the glaze of the glaze, as well as the facial expression of the glaze, and the expression of the face of the glaze, and the expression of the other.

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