Arita Ware Yamahira Kiln Foam Bowl 18cm Blue

有田焼 やま平窯


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【Product Introduction】

This bubble series is so heart-warming that once you see it, you will never forget it. It is made with a special technique unique to Mr. Yamahira kiln. A sparkly expression that looks up at the surface of the water from the bottom of the sea is trapped in a vessel. This beautiful foam is carefully made by craftsmen's hands one by one! I want you to enjoy the expression of a different bubble one by one.♡

Easy-to-use medium pot size. The elegant white-based shades bring out any dish!

Size: Diameter 18 x Height 4.6cm

Whether or not: Oven ×
Microwave oven

[Introduction of the creator]

We propose a special vessel,
Arita ware kiln Yamahira kiln.

The vessels of the Yamahira kiln are equipped with unique techniques. The desire of craftsmen who "want to deliver surprise and excitement" leads to a strong spirit of inquiry into materials and techniques, creating optimal skills. At Yamahira Kiln, we respond to the various needs of people who value food, and we make carefully manufacturing that brings out smiles and make things that capture the needs of the times. I was fascinated by the beautiful vessel that the goodness of the article stands out.


The product image and the product to be delivered are not exactly the same.

Because all the utsuwa is handmade,
The size, shape, color, pattern, texture, etc. differ from one point to point.

Please refrain from purchasing individual differences such as penetration (cracks like patterns entering the surface), pinholes (small holes), iron powder (in which iron is oxidized and sunspoted due to iron burning), and individual differences such as unevenness of glaze as the individuality of the utsuwa and the expression of the utsuwa.

We do not accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges due to customer's circumstances.