Lin New York pearl Mug

有田焼 金照堂


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"Rin Lin New York earth" series is characterized by an antique metallic feeling that is not very porcelain. Fantastic coloring changing color by viewing angle is also attractive! It is a new Arita ware which was born in the idea of the next generation while carrying out the technique of tradition of 400 years of Arita ware.
The concept of RIN is unusual.
Enjoy the scenery you've never seen in Rin.

Luxury mug with excellent tea time♡

There are two colors: bronze and pearl.


Size: diameter 7 x 8 cm

Compatible with oven
Microwave range
Dishwasher safe

Creator introduction

Arita ware 'konshodo'

Established in 1961. The history of 400 years of Arita ware is now connected to the world.
A new brand "Rin Lin Japan" was created in commemoration of 400th anniversary of Arita ware. This brand with the concept of "non daily" is characterized by a mysterious light that changes the color with the angle that looks like a porcelain. A hand-painted technique by skilled craftsmen shows various expressions. I challenge this new Arita ware to the next generation. Recently, tile is newly developed, and the interior field is advanced.


The product image and the goods you deliver are not exactly the same.

Everything is handmade
The size, the shape, the color, the pattern, and the texture are different points by one point.

Please refrain from purchasing the person who is not able to catch the individual difference such as the intrusion (such as the pattern which enters the surface), pinhole (small hole), iron powder (oxidized and black point by burning iron) and the difference of the individual such as the unevenness of the glaze.

We do not accept cancellation, return goods or replacement due to your convenience.