Hasami firing indigo dyeing kiln bronze mug cup yellow

波佐見焼 藍染窯


[product introduction]

The pottery "indigo dyeing kiln" bronze series of the Hasami firing.

As for the bronze series of the extreme popularity that the texture that is calm mat brings on a feeling of vintage, the unique feel of a material that I did with a rattling sound a little is individual! Of marked, a feeling of different rust of the expression is attractive one by one, too. As for the container beginner at first from a mug cup!

The color is two colors of development of blue and the yellow. I want to put it together in different colors♡

■Size: Diameter 8.5* high 8cm

■Material: Semiporcelain

■The correspondence right or wrong: Oven X
Microwave oven○
Washing-up washing machine○

[builder introduction]

The studio "indigo dyeing kiln" which is located in the among the mountains of "town Hasami-cho of the ceramic ware" spreading out more than 400 years

For the Hasami firing that usually made a lot of tableware of the errand in the long history,
Much wisdom and thought are put.

A caliber warm performed making earthenware of heartily one by one is a characteristic.

[matters that require attention]

It is identical, and there are not a product image and the product to send.

Because all the containers are handmade,
Size, form, a color, a design, the texture vary in one point of one point.

The bronze series gets rusty in particular, and there is individual difference in a feeling.

Please refrain from crackle (the crack that is likely to enter the surface), a pinhole (small hole), iron powder (the state that you were oxidized by iron content being baked, and became the sunspot), the purchase of the glaze which cannot capture the individual difference such as irregularities as the personality of the container, an expression of the containers.

I do not accept cancellation, returned goods, the exchange by the circumstances of the visitor.