Wasamiyaki Aizen Kiln Kiln Bronze Bones Blue

波佐見焼 藍染窯


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[Product introduction]

The Bronz-Series, a ceramic kiln of the Hasami ware, is a kiln.

A very popular Bronz-Series, which has been calm, has a sense of vintage, and its unique texture is also unique! Hitotsubi, a unique rusty, is attractive and attractive.

The color is two colors in blue and yellow.We Want to♡

Size: 11.5 x tall, 5.5cm in diameter

Material: Semi-porcelain

Responsible to: oven ×
E-Range ○
Eutabi washing machine O

[inventor introduction]

More than 400 years of 'Yakimono-no-machi' (the town of Yakimono), 'Aizen kiln' located in the mountains of Hasami-cho Town

In the middle of a long history, the Hatsaki pottery, which produced many utensils for everyday use,
It's a lot of wisdom and thoughts.

It is characterized by a warm-like pottery that has been made with a single heart.

[Caution Points]

Products and products delivered with product images are not exactly the same.

All Utsura was made to make his hand.
The size, shape, color, pattern, and flavor differ from one point to one point.

The BronzSeries has a particularly rusty and rust-like difference.

Please refrain from buying penetration (such as the patterns on the surface), pinholes (small holes), iron powder (which is oxidized by the baking of iron), and the individual personality of the glaze, such as the glaze of the glaze, as well as the facial expression of the glaze, and the expression of the face of the glaze, and the expression of the other.

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