Yachimun workshop 與那嶺 Arabesque blue & white 4 sun the pastel series(pink)

やちむん工房 與那嶺


[product introduction]

the traditional Arabesque blue & white, but the pastel color of pink to use,and our most unusual new look and features of gem. My Kai and the Okinawa dialect"in the bowl"thing. 4 sun cover, and a bowl full of just good size. Everyday use perfect for!

The color is pink and light blue 2 color.

Pastel colors, while iron powder(iron is burned by oxidation as black dots and were)by texture, from Japanese cuisine to fit the taste of your work.

■ Size: diameter of about 12㎝×height of about 6㎝


■corresponding to whether the
oven X

【make introduction]

Okinawa Prefecture of 西原町 to the workshop and the SHOP is poised to"yachimun workshop 與那嶺"
"everyday fun into"new yachimun expression continue to challenge them.
In Okinawa, the largest General art exhibition"off the coast"exhibition 6 times the winner.



product images and product are all the same is not available.
Just about all hand-made, the size, shape, color, pattern, texture, etc 1 point 1 point different.
Penetration(entering the surface pattern such as the human videos), pinhole(small hole), iron powder(iron is burned by oxidation as black dots, and state),of the glaze is such as of individual difference and personality, and facial expression, as to regard only those who do not purchase please refrain.

By the circumstances of the customer cancellation・returns and exchanges are not accepted.