Yachimun Kobo Shinamine Karakusa Dyed Free Cup Pastel Series (Light Blue)

やちむん工房 與那嶺


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【Product Introduction】

Although it is dyed with traditional karakusa, it uses pastel-colored light blue, and it is a gem characterized by a new expression that is rare in Yachimun. The free cup comes in handy because it does not choose a drink.

The color is pink and light blue.

Although it is pastel color, it is a work with a taste that matches the Japanese table from the texture of iron powder (the one oxidized by the iron burn and became a sunspot).

Size: Diameter about 9.5cm x Height about 11cm

Material: Pottery

Whether or not it can be dealt with
Oven ×
Microwave oven
Dishwasher ×

[Introduction of the creator]

"Yachimun Kobo Yonamine" with a workshop and SHOP in Nishihara-cho, Okinawa Prefecture
We continue to challenge the expression of a new Yachimun that "turns everyday life into fun".
He was selected six times for the "Oki Exhibition", the largest comprehensive art exhibition in Okinawa Prefecture.


The product image and the product to be delivered are not exactly the same.
Since all utsuwa is handmade, the size, shape, color, pattern, texture, etc. differ from one point to point.
Please refrain from purchasing individual differences such as penetration (cracks like patterns entering the surface), pinholes (small holes), iron powder (in which iron is oxidized and sunspoted due to iron burning), and individual differences such as unevenness of glaze as the individuality of the utsuwa and the expression of the utsuwa.

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