Hasami ware kiln rosemary mug (DENIM)

波佐見焼 翔芳窯



Rosemary series with a relief of rosemary. This mug is perfect when you want plenty of coffee or tea. Approximately 350 ml in full water and approximately 270 ml in 8 minutes.

The colors are two colors of denim and light.

Size: about 9.5 cm x 8.3 cm

Feel mat

Material: ceramic ware

Oven x
Microwave range
Dishwasher washing machine

Creator introduction

Hasami ware 'Shoho kiln'

"Shoho kiln" in hachimi CHO, Nagasaki Prefecture
The craftsmen making use of the craftsmen technique which is consistently more consistent than the foundation is made, and the furniture making is made. The person's hand, one hassle, and the origin are the hot thoughts to the handmade.
The expression of the nature of the painting technique is utilized in the motif, and various expressions are injected into the vessel.
It is widely made from the feeling that it is full of the sense of the yearning to the modern and fresh taste.


The product image and the goods you deliver are not exactly the same.
The size, shape, color, pattern, and texture are all 1 point.
Please refrain from purchasing the person who is not able to catch the individual difference such as the intrusion (such as the pattern which enters the surface), pinhole (small hole), iron powder (oxidized and black point by burning iron) and the difference of the individual such as the unevenness of the glaze.

We do not accept cancellation, return goods or replacement due to your convenience.