Hasami ware Shoho kiln rosemary soup mug (denim)

波佐見焼 翔芳窯


【Product introduction】

The rosemary series has a warm and simple foundation with a relief in the image of rosemary. The soup mug has a big mouth, so it's perfect for a lot of soup. Not only soup cups, but also widely used in salad bowls and dessert bowls.

Two colors are available: denim and light gray matte.

■Size: Diameter 12cm x Height 7.8cm, Handle 3cm, Approx 420ml

■ Texture: Matt

Material: Ceramic

■ Support availability
Oven ×
Microwave ○
Dishwasher ○

[Introduction of the creator]

Hasami ware "Shoho kiln"

"Shoho kiln" in Hasami-cho, Nagasaki prefecture
Since its founding, we have consistently used craftsmanship with a focus on making vessels that are simple and warm. Human hands, time and effort, one by one, the starting point is a passion for making hands.
A variety of expressions are blown into the vessel while making the most of the characteristics of the painting technique with the motif of nature.
It is made from a wide range of items, from those with a nostalgic feel to those with a modern taste.

【important point】

Product images and products delivered are not exactly the same.
All the containers are handmade, so the size, shape, color, pattern, and texture may differ from one to another.
Individual differences such as penetration (cracks like a pattern on the surface), pinholes (small holes), iron powder (oxidized to black spots when iron is burned), uneven glaze, etc. Please refrain from purchasing if you can not capture it.

We do not accept cancellations, returns or exchanges due to the customer's circumstances.