Arita porcelain Shomidou main store Somenishiki Shihowari Kagobun wine cup (large)

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[Product introduction]

The old Imari Wine Collection at Arita ware "Shindo Honten"

The wine cup, which added gold to a vivid color painting, won a gold medal in the Grand Prix and Ragju-Arjan Pan in the "attractive Japan Beige Contest 2010" award.Arita pottery, charmed by the title of "Imari" by the name "Imari", had a great influence on the western porcelain culture, and the pattern at that time was called the "Koi Manzato style" and is still highly supported by the people of the world's lovers.

It is suitable for painting too beautiful, and it is also the optimum size for wine, sake, fruit wine, sakayake (fruit drink), and so on.The elegant and splendo dining table is a good one.♡

There are three kinds of picture patterns.

Size: 7 cm in diameter and 15 cm high

Responsible to: oven ×
E-Range x
Eat washing machine.

[inventor introduction]

Arita ware was the first porcelain to be made in Japan. It is characterized by a variety of paints, such as white porcelain, a dyeing with a feeling of mercy, and a beautiful colored painting.

The theme "The Age of the Age" is the theme of the Shindo bookstore.
In the long history of the rice field, we aim to revitalize the world of the traditional and innovative beauty of the tradition and innovation that people have been keeping and revitalize the world into the modern baked goods, and further the beauty of the world is being sent out to the world.

[Caution Points]

Products and products delivered with product images are not exactly the same.

All Utsura was made to make his hand.
The size, shape, color, pattern, and flavor differ from one point to one point.

Please refrain from buying penetration (such as the patterns on the surface), pinholes (small holes), iron powder (which is oxidized by the baking of iron), and the individual personality of the glaze, such as the glaze of the glaze, as well as the facial expression of the glaze, and the expression of the face of the glaze, and the expression of the other.

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