Kyo ware/Shimizu ware Ceramic bean jam Crystal free cup (peach white)

京焼・清水焼 陶あん


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【Product introduction】

Flower crystals are beautiful vessels with flowers blooming on the surface. The glaze called crystal glaze is a glaze with the characteristic that crystals come out during the process of melting and cooling. Above all, the crystals become larger and various shapes appear. One of the features is that you can't do the same thing for two, and you can enjoy various crystals.

A free cup that fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to hold. They will accept any drink.


■ Size:Approximately 8 cm in diameter and 11 cm in height. Capacity about 240 ml

Material: Ceramic

■ Support availability
Oven ×
Microwave ○
Dishwasher ○

[Introduction of the creator]

Kyo ware Kiyomizu pottery pottery sauce

It is the largest pottery in Kyoto.
Since it was founded in Higashiyama Sengakuji Temple in Kyoto in 11th year of Taisho, we have been using the finest raw materials to continue to make works by skilled craftsmen.
We produce gorgeous and original works, and create vessels that enrich our modern life, and we are especially engaged in many works with flowers as motifs.

【important point】

Product images and products delivered are not exactly the same.
All the containers are handmade, so the size, shape, color, pattern, and texture may differ from one to another.
Individual differences such as penetration (cracks like a pattern on the surface), pinholes (small holes), iron powder (oxidized to black spots when iron is burned), uneven glaze, etc. Please refrain from purchasing if you can not capture it.

We do not accept cancellations, returns or exchanges due to the customer's circumstances.