Tsugaru kinzan-Yaki flowering Bowl(small)



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[Product introduction]】

It is a vessel like the flower blossomed beautifully.The work produced by the method of"Yaki-time", which is baked slowly and hardened at a high temperature of 1350 degrees without using any Glaze, has a unique texture with depth that fits naturally to the dining table.

■Size: diameter about 11cm×height about 4.5 cm

■ Material: pottery

■ Availability
Oven x
Microwave oven
Dishwasher safe

【Features of Tsugaru Kanayama Ware】
What is the assembly?
Buried in the Ashes, the fire did not hit directly, or there was little oxygen in the kiln, and it was burned in such a state that the scenery of white, gray, blue, etc. was cut off.It is not mildew.

What is hidasuki?
The part that wound the straw so that the container does not stick is burned up,and the part of the straw remains as a line.

These create the original unique texture of the nettle.

[Introduction of the creator】

"Tsugaru Kanayama-Yaki" is new, but nostalgic somewhere, and there is warmth that makes my heart moist」
Tsugaru Kanayama-Yaki, which used to be strongly influenced by Sue Ware in this area, produced ceramics with a deep and unique texture by the method of 'Yaki-zime,' which was carefully baked at a high temperature of 1350 degrees without using any glaze.We will continue to walk the path of"new traditional industry"while making use of today with the origin of pottery making that people and nature weave.


Product images and products to deliver is not exactly the same.
Because all the containers are handmade, size, shape, color, pattern, texture, etc., are different 1 point 1 point.
Please refrain from purchasing items that do not capture individual differences such as intrusions (cracks like patterns on the surface), pinholes (small holes), iron powder (the state in which iron oxidizes and becomes a black spot by being burned), and glaze unevenness as the expression of the personality of the glaze.

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