The Toasamiyaki Jikusa 24 cm Plate (Turquoise)

波佐見焼 永泉


[Product introduction]

It is a stylish plate.There are two colors, "Mermaid Pink" and "The Turquoise," which are beautiful and gentle, so that you can align them with the same color, align them with different colors, and choose a style that you prefer.

Size: 24cm height and 1.5cm in height

Materials: Ceramics

■ Responsible
Oven ×
E-Range ○
Eutabi washing machine O

[inventor introduction]

"Eisen" (Eisen), a kiln from the Misaki ware of the
It is designed to make the everyday life easier and richer, as well as the shinefs, mota and cute that fit the lifestyle of the life.
The color of the utensils used in colour-glazed glaze is bright and beautiful, and the price is affordely priced.We are provided with a "handlight and a good quality of life."

[Caution Points]

Products and products delivered with product images are not exactly the same.
The size, shape, color, pattern, and the air pattern are all different from each other in order to make all the hands.
Please refrain from buying penetration (such as the patterns on the surface), pinholes (small holes), iron powder (which is oxidized by the baking of iron), and the individual personality of the glaze, such as the glaze of the glaze, as well as the facial expression of the glaze, and the expression of the face of the glaze, and the expression of the other.

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