Shigaraki ware-burning kiln, Torcoblue rim plate (small)

信楽焼 遊楽窯


[Product introduction]

TorcoBlue series of Shigaraki pottery kiln 'Yugaku kiln' is used.
The vivid torcoblue is beautiful, and the air of the soil is a warm-water vessel.The rim plate is the optimum size for a piece of water, such as cake and bread, as a separate plate.

*The pottery is a pottery that has a strong tet-flavored flavor.

Size: Approximated 19cm x 1.5 cm in diameter (2.5 cm in width)

Materials: Pottery

■ Responsible

Oven ×
E-Range x
Eat washing machine.

[inventor introduction]

Shigaraki was one of the six ancient Japanese kilns made in Shigaraki-cho, Koka City, Shiga Prefecture, and it became a topic of conversation in the morning of the morning in the morning of the morning.It is the place of Shingaku, 'Yugaku kiln,' in which a brother who was born into a family line of kiln was opened in the kiln.
Many of the beautiful torko-blue vessels are made of pottery, which is easy to use in modern life, and the warmth of the clay of the art of Shingaku.

[Caution Points]

Products and products delivered with product images are not exactly the same.
The size, shape, color, pattern, and the air pattern are all different from each other in order to make all the hands.
Please refrain from buying penetration (such as the patterns on the surface), pinholes (small holes), iron powder (which is oxidized by the baking of iron), and the individual personality of the glaze, such as the glaze of the glaze, as well as the facial expression of the glaze, and the expression of the face of the glaze, and the expression of the other.

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