No such pattern bowl dish dead brown

ガラス作家 坂田裕昭


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[product introduction]

Your this pattern(gyoshi patterns)of fish it is that seems Edo Kiriko tradition of pattern. Sakata, Hiroaki's works, cut glass like a sharpening of the type, not imbued with this pattern is all about. Without this pattern, the angle of the light by shades of change,a variety of facial expressions to Shine,the table and adorned it.

The color is salmon pink, lagoon,dead brown, 藍鼠, Amethyst, pine needles color 6 colors available.

■Size: about diameter 12cm x Height 4. 5 cm

■material: glass

■support availability


【make introduction]

Toyama crafted glass writer Sakata, Hiroaki't.
Molten glass is inflated made,of blown glass technique produced.
Glass from the,using your theme, the smug one, the modern new Japanese glass have been expressed.


product images and product are all the same is not available.
All hand-made, the size, shape, color, pattern, texture, etc 1 point 1 point different.
The individual difference of personalities and facial expressions as customers who do not purchase please refrain.

By the circumstances of the customer cancellation・returns and exchanges are not accepted.