Manko-yaki: The Morning Plate (Blue)

萬古焼 藍窯堀内製陶所


[Product introduction]

It's a pitalful size for breakfast, like bread, salad, or one plate.It's a simple design with a cool color and a simple design, so it's a good fit for any kind of food.
The colors are blue, yellow, and gray.

Size: Direct diameter: 20cm x tall, 2.5 cm tall

■Materials: stoneware (semporcelain)

■ Responsible

E-Range ○
Eutabi washing machine O

[inventor introduction]

Located in Komono Town, Mie Prefecture, a kiln called 'Lam kiln in Lam kiln in Horibori Horiuchi Seito, ' which is a kiln of manarched pottery that has been running a ceramic business with a small, long and long ceramic business in the town of Miyodokoro, Miyodokoro. In the name of a kiln using the Chinese character 'Ai,' which is the color of cotton representing cotton, and the color of the character of 'Ai,' which represents the color of yakimono, a wish to incorporate such a sense of asbestos into everyday utensils has been made. It is intended to create products that do not lose sight of the basics that are rooted in the tradition while making new sensations into the new senses.

[Caution Points]

Products and products delivered with product images are not exactly the same.
For all handmade, the size, shape, color, pattern, and flavor differ from one point to one point.
Please refrain from buying a person who does not have a unique personality or expression on the individual's individual differences.

You have not received any cancellation or return/exchange due to your convenience.